Taser Used on Naked I-5 Wanderer

ASHLAND, Ore. – State police confirm the young girl found wandering naked and confused along I-5 early Sunday morning was apprehended with a Taser.

Officials say that she is a juvenile. She was found just after 4:00 a.m. between mileposts 18 and 19, apparently unresponsive and unaware of her surroundings, and it was Adam Bednar who found her.

“I stopped the car in the middle of the freeway, I backed up. She kind of looked in my window, she kind of laughed and just kept on walking,” said Bednar.

Bednar says he drove alongside her while he called police. He says the trooper who arrived called for her to stop, and when she didn’t respond threatened twice to taze her. After giving no response, two little red dots appeared on her back, then metal barbs.

“She seized up and she fell face first on the ground,” said Bednar.

State police officials say it was necessary to prevent her from wandering further into the road and putting herself in danger. Bednar, who helped troopers apprehend the girl on the hood of his car, says he isn’t so sure.

“She wasn’t going off the road, she was set on walking down the freeway,” said Bednar. “And I think that, had [the trooper] waited for back up, they could have gotten her without the Taser.”

As for the reasons for her behavior, OSP says she likely has Autism. Bednar says whatever it was, it was baffling.

“I thought she was drugged. I thought she was on bath salts, too much meth, something.”

What is certain is that the young girl, whose identity is not being revealed, was not the victim of a crime. She reportedly wandered out of the house, and is now safe with her family.

Officials also say she will not be charged with any crimes because she wasn’t aware of her surroundings.


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  1. Justin says:

    Police should no longer be allowed to use tasers. Do they not learn how to grab people any more at the lil police academy?

    1. Russell shipp says:

      A naked female child….probably raped and in shock….and the officers conclusion was to determine the naked female child a threat to his life worthy of tazering into submission pending an arresst.

      I pray the officer doesn’t run into any more threatening little girls.

    2. @Joshacham says:

      So… what should they use? Their guns? Themselves? The taser was brought in to be a nonlethal alternative and now people are complaining about it.

      1. Bjorn Luminaire says:

        Why use force at all on a child in the complete throes of a melt-down?

        All the the Trooper had to do was get a blanket from the car, then wrap it around the child, talk calmly to her, put her in the car gently, radioed HQ and have them contact Child Protective Services. That would’ve been the first course of action to come to my mind, not using a hammer to remedy the situation.

  2. Kris says:

    This is terrible. I hope her mom can sue over this. I’m normally not one to say that. How could he even remotely have deemed her a threat. It would have been no big deal to follow her with the lights on to warn traffic until back up arrived. How in the world could you choose to Taser a naked child obviously suffering from a disability, trauma, or drugs. Even if she would have been on drugs, if she wasn’t running away he should have waited for back up. OSP should be ashamed of this officer.

  3. Beth says:

    I’m sorry, does this article say, “…SHE will not be charged with any crimes.”? Ridiculous! I agree with Justin, cops need to learn more that just shoot (whether it be a gun or a taser). What was so intimadating about this naked, disoriented, teen.

  4. defense says:

    So if she would have stepped out and got hit by a vehicle on I-5 because the officer waited for someone else to get there to help, I’m prettu sure people would complain about not getting her immediately so she wouldn’t get hurt. Truth is, if she is autistic, she shouldn’t have enough time to be naked in the middle of the freeway without anyone noticing; if she was drugged out of her mind, common sense doesn’t exist and running out in the middle of the road is definitely a possibility. Getting tased is better than getting hit by a vehicle going 70 miles an hour and I praise the police for doing what it takes to avoid the worst case scenario. She is dazed instead of dead because of them, and the family should be thankful for it.

    1. jazaboo says:

      YOU (DEFENSE) ARE A COMPLETE AND UTTER IDIOT. If a grown big trooper man cannot apprehend a little girl without torture devices, he shouldn’t even be on the payroll. What a COWARD and you are too!!

      1. Chris says:

        Defense is correct! Who are you to call them a complete and utter idiot. Size does not matter when it comes to people’s strength and reactions. The article even says the guy thought she was on something. Why the hell should the cop put himself in danger by going up to someone who is ignoring him after he has given warnings? What about the people that turn on the cops as soon as they get close enough to touch them? Was this rotten, you bet. Did the cop do the right thing, you bet. Did her family fail her, definitely! Naked wandering down the highway; how did she get there, where was her family.
        Don’t be rude to those who have a different opinion from yours and don’t call them rude names; it makes you appear less than intelligent.

        1. Abbi says:

          I believe that Jazaboo is correct. the kid was walking, he could have grabbed a blanket, wrapped her in it and carried her to the police car. once she is in she can’t get out.

          she had no weapons she was no threat. the best way to protect her was catching her.

          please understand how autism works. children with autism spectrum disorder can be smart but in different ways.Where you and I would know its a bad idea to to take off your clothes no matter how hot and itchy or simply run away when you have anixty about something a child with autism may not see the danger and consider removing their clothes necessary to end the unpleasant sensations they feel.

          please may I refer you to Temple Grandin, a most prominent speaker on autism. Her insights steam from the fact that she has autism and she has been able to survive and thrive. Her speeches has helped many parents understand what their kids are going through.

    2. athomp says:

      Are you serious!? She didnt have a visable weapon, she was walking… he could have gotten out of the car and walked along side her, rather than bark at her… could have taken a moment to try to talk to her, instead of yell at her.

      And if she was heading out into traffic, I’m sure a big man, could have knocked her backwards away from traffic if it came to it. Cops are seriously out of control with “authority”.

    3. david turner says:

      The police are out of control and 10 to 1 this mr. “defense” is a police officer too. It seems many police are like robots and just react with violence instead of any human emotions. And they wonder why many people hate them !!!!

    4. Melissa says:

      I agree with you defense. She was not seriously injured. The situation was quickly brought to a close. I agree it would not be reasonable to allow her to wander in the lanes of traffic, following her with light s on, or chasing her between cars and big rigs traveling at freeway speeds. If the cop did that they would be criticized for allowing her to be hit by a car, or causing an accident.

      1. meowq says:


      2. Henry Marshall says:

        Not seriously injured? Tasers KILL people – they have killed large adult men when used by the police. This child is very lucky if she has no lasting effects. The cop should be tasered – repeatedly – so he learns. There is NO excuse whatsoever for using such a barbaric instrument of torture on a defenseless child.

    5. Kevin says:

      All the traffic was stopped, there was no danger……. Jesus Man…. stop defending and trying to change the subject into what a great thing this cop did… its disgusting…

  5. Eric says:

    The officer didn’t know what she was on, if anything. Dealing with someone high on illegal drugs is very random. If he had touched her, she could have flown into a rage. Someone on bath salts or PCP can be very dangerous in that situation. He did what he was supposed to do: she did not follow his orders, so he used non-lethal force since she was not a threat. Considering the alternative, I think this officer did the best he could with the available facts.

    1. Mark says:


      She was an 11 year old autistic child and the Oregon State Police, the Governor and include yourself should be ashamed for making excuses for this wanton act of child abuse.

      All of Oregon should be up in arms over the “White Wash” being spewed forth to CYA this OSP Fascist!

    2. strateshuter says:

      The officer was obviously a blithering idiot…. the girl was 11 years old…. this is what we get when we have a bunch of scared little boys with weapons and room temperature I.Q.’s driving around committing heinous crimes like this! She was 11, a little girl, naked, she may have been raped and in shock, therefore unresponsive, so tasing her was the best course of action???? Somebody needs to slap the crap out of this officer and then tase him for a while…. and even worse though she wasn’t a victim of rape she was a victim of a vicious assault at the hands of a savage thug…. and for those of you NOT familiar with autism, tasing an autistic child would feel to her like getting the electric chair…. this trooper is a disgrace to Oregon , his badge, his oath, and most of all, himself….. Karma is a bitch and I wouldn’t want to be within 100 yards of this guy when the worm turns!

    3. Marc says:

      so approach first, if she rages, then tase if you must. even if she rages, these are trained officers, probably strong enough to restrain her until she’s subdued. why bust out the taser first thing?

    4. Rick says:

      If a cop is afraid of an 11 year old autistic girl, he shouldn’t be a police officer. He should be locked up in jail for his own good.

    5. Gus says:

      She was 11 years old and Autistic. What dealer is selling drugs to autistic, naked children? That phrase “think before you speak”, you should really study it.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I completely agree that a taser should not have been used. The child was 11 years old. The child was most likely no threat, unless this was one of those rare 6 foot tall, linebacker-looking, 11 year old. But, before you tell others to think, you should think before you speak as well. The officer at the scene would have had no other information other than that she was a nude child. “What dealer is selling to autistic, naked children?” Think about that statement… I am sure there are plenty of drug dealers that are more than happy to sell to 11 year old girls. In that scenario the nudity would likely have been an affect of the drug use – not coming before the purchase.

    6. Sam Adams says:

      Some big cop brute can’t handle a naked 11 yr old girl ? What kind of stupid Gestapo types are they hiring today ? This is disgusting. Police were supposed to be ‘peace officers’. Today more of them are nothing but mindless revenue collectors with no judgement at all.

    7. samadams says:

      She’s ELEVEN YEARS OLD, you fool. The lights could have been put on and close the road. This is unacceptable and reveals the depths so-called “peace officers” will stoop. This guy should be summarily fired.
      Eleven years old and you justify fifty thousand volts x 2 to “take her down.”

    8. eric is dumb says:

      an 11 year old child, hopped up on bath salts? Really?

      1. frankly speaking says:

        Too many of these guys are on a power trip. How dare a mere citizen not immediately obey Their Orders. – – They recieve some medical training. You’d think they’d consider that the person they are dealing with may have a medical probem or be impaired in some way. Of course, you’d need to have a few brain cells to actually think like that. You’d have to see yourself as a public servant and a peace officer, rather than a power tripping brute and ticket writer.

        I’m also amazed by the alibis of some people who worship on the altar of ‘the authorities’. What would you think if she was your kid, or your sister ? Get off your knees.

  6. Roberta says:

    This is an 11 year old girl. Really a taser was necessary? These police officers are simply out of control. They have become thugs of the worst kind.

  7. Paraglider Collapse says:

    How much longer will we tolerate police violence against innocent citizens? This was an 11-year-old autistic girl – the pig doesn’t have the training or ability to control her???

  8. miraclepieco says:

    Here we have an adolescent girl in obvious distress. The officer should have wrapped his coat around her and escorted her to safety.

  9. luke skywalker says:

    nice adversarial journalism kdvr. i hope the oregon state police are paying you handsomely since you are their official spokesperson.

  10. tavis says:

    Justin your article is horrible. Title ” Taser used on Naked I-5 wanderer” ? No , ” Police Taser Autistic 11 year old girl” thats what happened.

    Your article’s only salvation is you actually quote Bednar so we can truly understand how out of control that officer was.

    A grown man has to taser an 11 year old ! Where in any country , world , universe , is that ok ?

    Your lack of conviction in this story is the type of thing that perpetuates this kind of action.

    Shame on you , Shame on the officer , Shame Shame Shame.

    Even if the 11 year old was irate and attacking the officer i would hate to believe the officer could not actually subdue the young lady. Is the police training in that dept so poor their officers are unable to handle a child ?

    To say he did her a service by making sure she didnt run into the I-5 is not a good point. She wasnt running around crazy , she wasnt flipping out and at any moment could have attacked with a knife. She was naked and ” Walking” down the street. The caby even said she was mellow and smiling.

    step 1 cop says stop
    step 2 cop says stop again
    step 3 taser ?

    what about step 3 cop approaches naked minor (who most likely is a victim or on drugs) and trys to make eye contact and hopefully if he is a real man tries to cover the poor child up in a blanket or jacket.

    Grow up humans , where are the good people ?

    I bet a grandmother would have immediately covered her up with out fear.

    So there officer , a grandmother has less fear then you and more common sense.

  11. Gary says:

    She was 11 years old?If the goof could not control a child OMG!!!What is going to happen when he really meets someone doing a crime?I suspect hes just gonna wet his pants.SHAME

    1. shadowspring says:

      They’ll shoot to kill. Real crime or not, if they think they are in danger (or just think they can get away with it) police in America will shoot to kill.

  12. Michael P says:

    KDRV you should be sued by the father of the daughter your writing about..

    the Definition of a “Wanderer” as put in your headline for this story is : 1. ( also tr ) to move or travel about, in, or through (a place) without any definite purpose or destination

    As you nor the police at the scene could communicate with the said girl how do you justify placing a specific word “Wanderer” when that said girl could very well have had a purpose in where she was going. This looks like an attempt to undermine the the brutal force used by the responding officers.
    You made every attempt to notify readers of all details with your headline ” Taser” “Naked” where is “AUTISTIC” ??

  13. cash says:

    I agree that the officer’s reaction was egregious, but so was that of the media. Not once, during the video, or this article was the age mentioned.

  14. Luanna Neal says:

    The police authorities in Southern Oregon need to calm down. When you get pulled over for a minor traffic violation, they treat you like you are an escaped murderer. They are adrenaline junkies just looking for a reason to get violent.

  15. Kiwismommy says:

    Police, fire, and other first responders in Oregon constantly refuse training in dealing with Autistic people and hence are unable to recognize it, or deal effectively with it. This is not the first nor will it be the last time an innocent child in Oregon was tazed by police.
    It is my greatest fear as a parent of an autistic child that because of the strange behaviors they are more likely to come to the attention of police, then when police confront them they don’t understand that our children are not being smart asses or ignoring them, it is Autism. When the cop feels the child is disrespectful, not following orders, etc. then the tazers come out and our childrens’ lives and physical safety are in danger. With Autism, I no longer trust that these people are here to protect and defend my child, but are now the most likely to do her harm. All because of lack of awareness, lack of training, lack of patience, and an expectation of reverent obedience to their demands.
    Every day I read of another autistic child like this one that “eloped” from their home and is found drowned because again first responders didn’t take the course that tells them, when it’s autism, go to water first and forget the standard grid searches. Our children don’t understand drowning and have no fears.
    There are many travesties here, an officer that couldn’t recognize a pre-pubescent child for what she was, lacked the ability to identify her as autistic, that used a tazer instead of lovingly wrapping her in his coat or a blanket and getting her in his car.
    Then we have a TV station that despite knowing she was an 11 year old autistic girl kept referring to her as a woman or young woman. She was a child, someone’s baby and referring to her as a woman only serves to lessen the tragic actions of an insufficiently trained officer who obviously has no children of his own.
    Tazing a naked child, causing her to slam into the roadside concrte or gravel face first, risking coronary arrest was not preferable to any other option. Waiting for backup to grab an 11 year old child, really? Was the officer himself suffering from a disability that he could not handle this child.
    Here is the thing Oregon police….children with autism often seem like they don’t hear you, they often don’t “get it” when talking to them that you are addressing them. They are literal, so if you say “spit it out” to get them to talk faster, they might actually spit on the ground, not understandng idioms or expressions that you or I would. If you do not recognize autism, if you do not understand autism and how to deal with those with autism, how to ineract with them without esalating or bringing out potentially reactive behaviors, well then you are simply an accident or death of one of our children waiting to happen. If your agency is not providing this training then ASK FOR IT! There are more than 9,000 Oregon children with Autism. And every time I read another article like this where searchers refused to modify their methods or an officer simply is clueless I grow more fearful of you every day. Because of Autism, it has changed my view of all of you from potetial saviors or protectors to potential killers and abusers. Get educated, wake up. This was someone’s child and your ignornance could have cost a life.

    1. thara says:

      Why??? They should be forced to go through the training.

    2. StacyB says:

      Kiwismommy had the most rational and intelligent comment regarding this issue. Also as the parent of an autistic child who is an eloper, and the wife of a police officer in Florida, not a lot of training is done to recognize the signs of autism. When the officer’s on my husband’s shift come across an child/young adult acting strange and not responding to requests or commands, they call my husband. He knows how to handle an autistic child.

      And like Kiwismommy said…go to the water FIRST….autistic children are very attracted to water, yet don’t know the dangers if they haven’t been taught to swim. My daughter learned to swim when she was 5 and she is better than all of us.

      And shame on all you people that vilify the police. The majority of cops, my husband included, are good people and they put their lives on the line EVERY day for YOUR safety. Don’t judge all cops on the actions of this particular one. And certainly don’t believe everything you read in the Government-controlled media.

      The more awareness of our kiddos can make a world of difference. Also, why did the parents not know their child was missing??? There is no way my daughter is getting out of my house without me knowing. For night time safety, there is a chain lock on the outside of her door. There are strong hotel type locks on all of our doors leading to the outside; high up out of her reach. I know what she’s doing almost every second of the day. If their daughter is tall enough to reach these types of locks, then there needs to be alarms on every door! Especially if they know their daughter is an eloper!!!! The cop is not all of the story; the parents are too.

  16. Nicole Mercer says:

    When did we start calling an 11 year old child “woman”? KDRV12 put a lot of thought into wording this article. Don’t forget she’s a child and a grown man felt he couldn’t apprehend her without force. On top of that the news wants to downplay this whole thing because they are obviously in bed with the police.

  17. Grimspur says:

    What in the flying fuck?

  18. Ted says:

    Why do your anchors and reporters repeatedly refer to an 11 year old as a woman? That is pretty darn sick to sensationalize the story by referring to an 11 year old as a “naked woman”. She is a little girl.

  19. Fuck the pigs says:

    Dang- this is yet another example of the lowest common societal denominator assuming the power of a police officer and abusing it.

    So Sad. Such a Shame.

  20. Andrew Olson says:

    Better be glad this wasn’t my child, cop, autistic or not. You would be a broken cop for life.
    If the public is not absolutely outraged and does not demand this creep be tried for child abuse and assult there is something wrong with the good folks in your neck of the woods.

  21. typical conservative says:

    well, if OBAMA hadn’t…… then……. wake up america!!!

  22. Well says:

    To be fair maybe she didn’t look eleven… The description says 5ft 140 lbs…

  23. Russ L. Smith says:

    With the type of training police get, I’m surprised he didn’t blow here head off. She could have had a bomb hidden in a body cavity or something. Alciada is probably recruiting autistic children to be suicide bombers! But if there is one thing we learned from this incident about our world; it’s that you’re more likely to come across a wandering autistic child than flesh eating zombie person on bath salts. Like they say, ‘If you learned something, than it’s not a mistake.’

    1. thara says:

      Seriously, where is your common sense? Al-Qaeda never recruited autistic children. And, its Al Qaeda not Alciada.

  24. Brian says:

    If you have the time to pull out your tazer and aim it at a child you have enough time to walk over and grab the child.

    Seriously – the police force is either turning to cowardice (can’t deal with a frail 11 year old girl) or else they are in such an authoritarian state of mind that they have gone full Gestapo.

    And of course now upper police management is in full PR mode to try to dial down this story pronto

  25. Dennis says:

    So I have to say I am amazed that KDRV is totally ignoring the comments on here and is refusing to address the issue of the fact that they blatantly glossed over the fact that the so called “young woman” in this story was in fact an 11 year old child. JASON BOURKE I am calling on you to explain your actions to myself and the rest of the folks here that expect more out of our news people.
    If there is no response, then I suggest that we call on the station and ask for his removal based on the fact that we have no confidence or interest in any article that he puts forth in the future due to his obvious lack of journalistic integrity.

    1. shadowspring says:

      Thank you, Dennis.

  26. Mike Patrick says:

    Young Woman? You’re supposed to be professionals that get basic facts right. Journalism is dead in this country. Idiots.

  27. Christian Gray says:

    This cop should be given 200 doses of mercury-laden vaccines, then stripped naked and air dropped into a N. Korea military base.

  28. tbrookside says:

    After giving no response, two little red dots appeared on her back, then metal barbs.

    What kind of sentence is this?

    You serfs will really write ANYTHING rather than simply state “the police officer fired the taser at the 11 year old girl”, won’t you?

    You’ll write the most absurd passive voice garbage, where red dots and metal barbs are sentence subjects with the power of volition, rather than just state what actually happened in a straightforward way.

    You are contemptible.

    1. frankly speaking says:

      tbrookside – – – excellent point. Thats why fewer people have any respect for ‘journalists’ today. There are very few real journalists, and just about none of them work for the mainstream news. Local talking heads hope to move on to bigger markets and then go national for the biggest pay day. Airheads and sell outs.

      The press was seen as one tool for preserving a democratic republic by the American founders. Todays mainstream press is a complete failure and disgrace.

      1. Barry says:

        Unfortunately, the government not only controls the msm, but much of the “alternative” media, ala CO-INTELPRO. It is difficult to know who is for real, but it is possible, to a point, to sift out the truly crazy conspiracy theories out from the conspiracy realities. And, there are indeed a plethora of conspiracy realities, many taking place as we speak.

        Given all of the crimes our government has committed and is committing (like arming Al CIA Duh in Syria as we did in Libya, spying on innocent Americans, giving the president the power to assassinate or disappear Americans without due process or even formal charges, etc,. etc., etc., etc.), is it really that much a stretch to believe that 9/11 WAS an inside job?

        “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton – British Statesman

        I know it’s off-topic, but what the heck ever happened to the Pentagon child porn scandal? We are ruled by a mafia gang of Neros and Caligulas – no less. What about the mega-banks repeatedly laundering trillions in drug money and NO ONE ever goes to jail? What about Attorney General Eric Holder giving the Sinaloa drug cartel thousands of guns and allowing them to deal drugs here unhindered? Time to restore this country to a Constitutional Republic, as opposed to the 3rd world banana dictatorship it is becoming. Time to arrest the REAL terrorists.

        1. Barry says:

          BTW, if you want to know what our fearless leaders do in their off time, go to franklincase. org. You may want to skip dinner……………….

    2. Barry says:

      One night, probably in 1880, John Swinton, then the preeminent New York journalist, was the guest of honour at a banquet given him by the leaders of his craft. Someone who knew neither the press nor Swinton offered a toast to the independent press. Swinton outraged his colleagues by replying: “There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it.

      There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.

      The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?

      We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

      (Source: Labor’s Untold Story, by Richard O. Boyer and Herbert M. Morais, published by United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America, NY, 1955/1979.)

  29. j patton says:

    wth, 11 yrs old is not a woman. WTH!

  30. Barry says:

    Nazis in blue. Over the past 15 years approx., FEMA and DHS have been militarizing cops and telling them that WE the people are the enemy. They have also been weeding out the good cops and keeping the thugs. This is being done by design by tptb in order to hasten the completion of their police-state/surveillance grid.

    Do not be afraid of the coming tyranny. Tyrants are successful ONLY if the people are afraid and/or apathetic. Do not be afraid and do not be apathetic. Learn about the New World Order Western global mafia (of which we are the primary military ho bag). Only an informed citizenry can stave off the tide of despotism.

    BOTH parties in D.C. are bought and sold. Only a handful of good Congressmen remain. Buy a little extra food and water and a gun to protect yourself and your belongings. Don’t be a domesticated sheeple. If you are prepared for emergencies, you will not need “government assistance” like after Katrina. NOW is the time to be strong.

    1. Barry says:

      I just want to add that I realize not all police officers are thugs. However, IMO, the good cops need to be more vocal about what the bad cops are doing. We need 10 thousand Serpico’s.

      1. frankly speaking says:

        What we really need is millions more people backing up those Serpicos and other whistleblowers. The good cops & others need to know they won’t be left blowing in the wind, all alone when they speak up.
        The cops will try to make this die down and go away. Their internal ‘investigation’ will likely be another whitewash to protect their own.

        Its up to the people of Oregon that this not be left to stand. They are the ones who can exert the political pressure. We can help by passing this story on to others all over the world.

  31. Dena K says:

    Unbelievable. Were the cops afraid a naked, unarmed 11 year old posed a threat to their safety? Tasers are only one step down from a handgun- they can be lethal to people with pre-existing conditions, and they typically cause injuries when used. They have their place, but not in a situation like this where there was no weapon, and no indication that the person was dangerous.

  32. dave says:

    If you see a dazed 11 year old wandering naked and your first impulse is to taze her, you are probably a cop.

  33. Kevin says:

    I just listened to the father and the cab driver witness speak in addition to what was posted on this site…. Traffic was stopped so she was in no danger, so I guess the cops are liars saying she was in danger.. The father said if she would have been asked or motioned to get in the car she would have because she likes cars and likes car rides. The police are out of control… I’ve had a 3 encounters with minor traffic offense in 25 years and a check stop.. I was treated horribly for no reason…. These officers need to be fired, they are not ‘peace’ officers they are on a drug called power and adrenaline.. Sad Sad Story..

  34. mean says:

    what a cold blooded, nasty mean sob, he did not have to treat that girl, with such violence.

  35. shadowspring says:

    Eleven years old is NOT a young woman! This is child abuse, and the trooper should be prosecuted and imprisoned. Evil man.

  36. JM says:

    “What is certain is that the young girl, whose identity is not being revealed, was not the victim of a crime.”

    You know, except for the assault suffered at the hands of the police.

    “Officials also say she will not be charged with any crimes because she wasn’t aware of her surroundings.”

    Oh how generous of them.

    1. thara says:

      It was a crime no doubt about that. It was child abuse.

  37. Fred C says:

    I wish that everyone would wake up in our country. This kind of thinking is endemic in our police forces. It’s not like the way it used to be. The police do not consider us as fellow citizens, they consider us the enemy. Take it from someone who has had experience with these kind of ‘people’. They drive around with war vehicles and weapons, and they want more. Please wake up and tell everyone.

  38. Jenoun says:

    11 year old girl. Whatever happened to tossing a blanket around the girl and picking her up? Cops have too much free reign with the taser and use it for -any- excuse. If a grown man can’t handle an 11 year old autistic girl, he sure as heck has NO business being an officer at all.What a bloody coward, does he hide under the blankets when the lights go out at home too? Does he cry during scary parts of movies? Man needs to go into janitorial work, hopefully away from children.

    Well at least he didn’t shoot the poor thing as that seems to be per the norm with Oregon and Washington cops. Shoot first and then apologize profusely later.

    1. Fred C says:

      I’m with you Jenoun, but when was the last time you have ever heard any apologies? Whenever anything like this happens the police go into cover up and obfuscation. They use excuses and may even go on the offensive. Even after they lose a law suit (rarely possible) they say that they were justified. The union also fights to protect a bad cop. We can rarely get rid of the bad apples that aren’t suited to protecting the public. It’s all sad and enraging.
      Oh and for anyone believing that the police are on the side of our 2nd Amendement, I don’t believe it will be that way when it really comes down to it. They just don’t currently want to be the frontline of disarming us. But if those guns are ever turned on them by anyone attempting to defend their rights, they will be the first to take us out. The Constitution will not matter to them at that point. Sorry, but I don’t trust them judging by what I see in other areas. i.e. Katrina for just one. Their idea of due process: Christopher Dorner.

  39. Ieuan says:

    Allow me a Monday morning quarterback moment. Are you telling me that officers, the story suggests more than one, could not physically control an 11 year old girl? She was naked so they could tell if she had a weapon or not. They are either gutless or sadistic, take your pick.

    1. thara says:

      Sadistic really sadistic.

  40. wpapke says:

    “Officials say that woman is a juvenile.” Do you people read what you write? If she is a juvenile she is NOT a woman she is a child.

    1. chris says:

      And you would know this? she is 5 feet tall and 140 lbs. THE SIZE OF AN ADULT!!!!!! Stop trying to make the cop seem like the worst person in the world. He didn’t know she was autistic, the man in the article even said he thought she was on something. No weapon? What do you think teeth, hands and feet are?

      1. Dean says:

        You’re right! cops should taser all 5 feet tall naked children because we don’t know what’s wrong with them. Or they could find out what’s wrong first like a brave officer should. Nah! F that, hit’em with the taser!

  41. Cristo52 says:

    Who the heck is training these cops?

  42. Dale Ealey says:

    As the father of an autistic child I am livid. So this big coward in blue couldn’t stop a little girl? God I’m glad I don’t live in Oregon.

  43. Melissa says:

    I am confused. Was the freeway stopped? Was there more that one officer? Did the citizens who were there attempt to subdue her? (If not, why? since she was obviously a child ) Was the girl running from them? Was she in the lanes of traffic? Was she tazered because she was in contempt of cop, or was there fear for her safety and the officer made a quick decision in an attempt to save her. I do not know, I was not there, I was provided with limited information from the media (generally not all that reliable) and multiple opinions that I am not sure are based on facts, or just contempt of authority. Most of all, was none of this recorded by an I-phone or police car cameras? I have a hard time jumping to conclusions about what was right or wrong with the limited amount of information presented. I believe there should be a complete investigation into the tazering and train of thought of the officer. My heart goes out to the child, who I am sure was traumatized by the whole thing, and to the family who will surely be dealing with the effects for a long time.

  44. Charles Aylworth says:

    Isn’t modern technology wonderful? Back in the day, he would have had to lay her up longside the head with a billy club to lay her out face-down on the gravel shoulder. I am ashamed this badge-heavy thug is employed by the state of Oregon. What have we come to? OSP troopers used to be trained, and capable of using judgement. This is reminiscent of “We had to destroy the village to save it.”

  45. MSG W. Hill says:

    No charges against the girl! Are you kidding me!! So why isn’t the cop in jail for assault on a minor that posed no threat to herself or the public or the wimpy cop that likes to taze kids!!! All this and I’m supposed to respect the law, they are really pushing it.

  46. ignatz says:

    The police are now a pack of cowards and weaklings, taking the citizens’ money and brutalizing the citizens in return.

    It’s time to outlaw tasers. We had better policing before they existed.

    1. @Joshacham says:

      Yeah, the police would shoot first and ask question later. Could of swore that was the whole reason why tasers were being used by police. A nonlethal alternative to the gun and not having to get in a scrap with the person.

  47. Ally says:

    They thought about charging her with something? What a joke. Humanity has taken a wrong turn. We’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

  48. Jack says:

    Lets try some alternate headlines If the Trooper wasn’t there shall we?

    11 year old autistic girl hit and killed on I-5
    11 year old autistic girl missing
    ( because some pedofile freak found her,,raped her and killed her)
    11 year old autistic girl causes fatal crash
    ( driver veers to miss pedestrian)
    11 year old autistic girls runs into traffic after being chased by well meaning citizen

    I sir will take this actual headline anytime over other alternates. Even with all this
    flak and hatefulness I’m sure the Trooper would also. Emergency services/Police have to
    work in an imperfect world where choices must be made with no or minimal
    information quickly and sometimes have to choose the lesser
    of two not so good outcomes not of their liking.

    Do not judge unless yea be judged:

  49. Dar Brooks Helwig says:

    Why is nobody asking who these abusive cops are?

  50. lolwut? says:

    I can’t tell if Oregon is full of pro-taze-children morons or if Oregon cops are such cowardly wimps they can’t handle an 11 y/o with autism without using a torture device. A device that has been known to kill people.

    Please just break off our continent and take California with you. Thanks.

  51. Clint says:

    What sort of “police officer” needs to tazer an 11-year old girl? SERIOUSLY? If you are that pathetic o an officer, you need to be fired. Shame on that officer and this department.

  52. Visser says:

    stupid title..”Naked 1-5 wanderer” how about a “distressed 11 year old child” Since when do we call 11 year old girls women? I don’t know but I still call them young girls. Whey do some have a need to allow our children to grow up so fast? And who in there right mind would find it ok to taser in order to keep her safe rather then call back up to help assist her to safety. Poor choice on everyone’s part.

  53. Mary Howard says:

    Your newscasters falsely claimed this was a young woman when she is an eleven your old child. A child who was severely abused by a tazor. Why would you minimalize the abuse of a child?

  54. The0ne says:

    This is why I feel no pity for cops dying. I feel sick to my stomach at this story. I don’t trust them and never will.

  55. @Joshacham says:

    So, the guy thought the police officer should of waited for back up to arrive? That’s brilliant, let the girl keep on walking down the freeway, putting herself, the officer, the bystander and the people zipping by her in danger… That’s sheer genius. Should he have grabbed her? That puts a lot of risk of getting both of them hurt if a fight ensued or killed on the freeway. Shoot her? That would of been worse. Taser was the best option.

    1. Oarboar says:

      An eleven-year-old girl. Wow.

  56. Dave says:

    The real solution is not to just gripe, is for the citizens to organize
    and make sure that criminal charges and lawsuits are filed
    against police officers who act with flagrant
    disregard for basic human rights. Politicians including prosecutors
    should also be sued and charged with civil and criminal
    complaints for making false statements covering
    up such egregious violations of our basic natural rights.

    We the people have the the moral right and the power if we assert ourselves.

  57. Bjorn Luminaire says:

    The clearly ‘non-evil’ choice the Police Officer had was obviously to get a blanket from the car, then wrap it around the child, talk calmly to her, put her in the car gently, radioed HQ and have them contact Child Protective Services. That would’ve been the first course of action to come to my mind, not using a hammer to remedy the situation.

    There is no reason anyone should feel threatened by a nude child who was obviously lost in the throes of a complete ‘melt-down’, what happened to her was nothing short of premeditated assault & anyone who thinks even remotely that this barbaric act is somehow ‘OK’ better check their humanity & imagine it as your child this happened to.

  58. The0ne says:

    Some of you people need to be included with this pathetic excuse of a man and cop. Sickening behavior.

  59. realistic says:

    Most of you computer warriors have no idea what the real world is like and what police officers have to deal with on a regular basis. I have no doubt the female trooper would have handled the situation differently had she known all the facts ahead of time like you morons now do after reading the article. To a police officer, the first thing we think about when sent to a naked person acting strange like that out in public is they are under the influence of bath salts, meth or some other mind altering drug. Even the taxi driver who called for police thought that. If she did appear to be some poor innocent child walking down the freeway naked, why didn’t he wrap a blanket around her, sit her in his car and then call for police? It’s because he didn’t want to mess with it and police are paid to deal with it.

    I cringed when I first read about police tasering an 11 year old but after hearing the story and placing myself in her shoes, I have faith she made the best decision she could in the few seconds she had. Get over it.

    I suppose all you taser haters out there would prefer us going hands on more. Then you’d be crying that people are being beaten by ass and demanding police find another way to conduct business. I chuckle at the thought of the 99%ers on here trying to do the job of the police…..

    1. Dean says:

      I’m chuckling at you . If you’re not brave enough to approach people then find a new job. That’s funny how the options in your mind are taser or beating. Why would you need to beat an 11 yr. old girl ? I think you’re right , a lot of people would cry about that. Have your taser in hand , but get close enough to find out if it’s needed. What did police do before tasers ? Be a man and do your job or get out. Cowards with badges are the problem.

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