Target Hacking Update

target 2(CNN) — A spokesperson for Target says there is no evidence that its customer’s pin numbers have been compromised.

This is the latest update after a hack to the retailer’s payment system that put 40 million customers’ information at risk.

Late last week, target said that the hack began on Black Friday and stretched more than two weeks to December 15th.

Target says they are working to address the issue and are in the early stages of a criminal and forensic investigation.

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  1. Debbie T says:


    This may also be applicable to OTHER VIEWERS…

    During the time period of the TARGET breach at the stores, I was shopping at our local Target. Upon checking out, I went to use my credit union debit card. The cashier asked about me APPLYING FOR TARGET’s DEBIT CARD via my credit union debit card.

    The benefits included 5% discounts on all purchases, etc., and it still came out of my credit union with no fees just as if I were using my credit union debit card.

    Here’s my concern…I had to enter all of my personal information into the little machine at the checkout. This included my date of birth, my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, my PIN number, my address, my telephone number, and on and on…

    I’ve made several attempts to contact TARGET but all I get after telling my story is…”…it’s been resolved.” and then the phone goes dead!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously? I want to know if this has happened to others? First Target tells us that our pins were NOT compromised, then they tell us, sorry but they were. What’s next?

    I do not know where to go from here? Has my very personal, very sensitive, most private of all information also been COMPROMISED and Target is just too afraid to tell all of their customers to whole truth? I’m worried sick over this. Has anyone else expressed concern over this very same thing?

    I’m checking my online bank account each and every day. Sometimes twice a day.

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