Target Data Hack Under Investigation

target(CNN) — Authorities are investigating an apparent credit card breach at Target stores. The Secret Service confirms it’s looking into the matter, but didn’t offer additional information.

Computer security expert Brian Krebs broke the story, and says data was stolen from Black Friday, a heavy shopping day, until this past Sunday, December 15th.

Krebs says there’s a chance the security of millions of debit and credit cards may have been compromised.

A spokeswoman from American Express says the company is “aware of the incident.”

Target has released a statement on their website regarding this incident, advising customers to keep a close eye on credit and debit card statements for any suspicious activity.

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  1. my site says:

    It is time for the gov to build a whole new system to guard and defend hacking strikes against US corporations. People are sensitive because the gov views private web programs in another way than they may an invasion or missile strike. The means to access the a number of private web apps and software supporting all of them really needs a significantly higher focus and response before it takes place instead of after the fact. We don’t require more give attention to law enforcement. What exactly most of us need is a give attention to prevention and recognition of a hacker assault. That can handle further organizations to encourage additional activity. It appears we have been merely resting back and describing it after it takes place. Will there ever be some other country struggling with corporate cyber attacks the same method? Specially those from overseas countries. As well as a liberty guy, I do think we need to determine the overall meaning and openness of the world-wide-web in terms of monetary and non-public corporate web accessible applications. Why permit limitless open use of foreign countries while access is risky and only necessary in the states? Merely in America. We monitor our people like a famous novel and permit access by overseas countries just like they have got green cards.

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