Target CEO Ups Security

target(CNN) — Target’s interim CEO has a message for customers. He said, “Guests can shop with confidence at Target.” John Mulligan replaced CEO Gregg Steinhafel, who resigned earlier this week. Target has been trying to fix its image since a massive data breach last year compromised the credit card information of millions of shoppers.

Mulligan commented on cyber security nowadays, he said, “Cyber security is a threat broadly, not just for retail, but for American business and as we’ve looked at our response there are things that, actions that we’ve taken internally that I’ve mentioned, there’s actions that we think are important for the retail industry. We think information sharing across the retail industry, we think chip and pin is an incredible step forward to provide additional security for our guests and last week we announced that we’re going to partner with MasterCard to accelerate that in our stores, but more broadly across all American business, we think information is critical between the government and business.”

Mulligan, who had been Target’s Chief Financial Officer, said the retailer has taken several steps to improve security since the breach, including hiring a new Chief Information Officer. However, Mulligan did acknowledge that Target’s challenges are far from over.