Talent’s Annual Green-Up Clean-Up

2014510 RGO GREENUPCLEAN UPTALENT, Ore. — The city of Talent’s Annual Green-Up Clean-Up is underway. This year it’s expanding to a week-long event. Organizers say they are trying to encourage people to recycle whenever and where ever they can.

Throughout the day, the Green-Up Clean-Up crew collected a variety of electronic waste and educated the public about what is recyclable and what’s not. The e-cycling took place at Talent City Hall.

Around noon, there had already been more than 50 people come out and drop off unwanted items. Organizers say hazardous materials like batteries and florescent light bulbs are particularly hazardous to the environment if they just tossed in the trash.

“Those particular items we want to make sure are handled and disposed of appropriately and safely then just going in a landfill,” said Sharon Anderson, the Coordinator of Green-Up Clean-Up Week.

The e-waste and metal will be taken to recycling facilities across the Rogue Valley where they will either be broken apart or melted down to be reused. The city-wide recycle day was inspired by a similar event in Central Point.

The Talent Green-Up Clean-Up is set to last throughout the rest of this week really urging the community to Go Green and while the recyclables will be taking off later tonight there are still plenty of fun events planned for the rest of this week.

Sunday: 9am – 4pm at the Valley View Transfer Station – Free yard debris drop-off for Talent residents.
Tuesday: 6pm at the City Library – Screening of documentary: “Bag It: Is Your Life Too Plastic?”
Wednesday: 10am – 12pm at Rock Garden across from City Hall.
All Week Long: Litter Patrol – Pick a spot in the city that needs help, gather with friends & family, and send a pic to meliss@cityoftalent.org for commendation.

For more information: call Sharon Anderson at 541-535-9055.