Talent Protestors Want Plant Moved

TALENT, Ore. — A local group gathered at a Talent park on Saturday afternoon to protest reported pollution coming from a paving plant behind Mountain View Estates.

More than a hundred residents at the rally say the Mount View Paving Asphalt Plant behind their residence in Talent is causing problems. They complain of smells, dust and noise at night. The protestors say they don’t want the plant to shut down, they just want it to move away.

“What they are doing is a great job for our community. They are producers of asphalt, much needed asphalt, you know. They have a great reputation. It’s a great family. They’re just in an inappropriate place,” said Talent resident Darby Stricker.

The owner of Mountain View Asphalt says he’s been in business at that location for 12 years and says there has never been an issue until now. He says he’s waiting on Jackson County officials to respond to his request for a Conditional Use Permit before taking any action.


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  1. Darby Stricker says:

    There have been issues all along. County code enforecement records will prove that. Mr. Meyers 3rd or 4th application is coming to a decision to permit his heavy industrial business in an area that is zoned residential. A application that has been diverted for 12 years.

    1. dan says:

      problems all along!? Howard was there crushing rocks and pulling gravel out of the same exact place for 30 years before mountain view so don’t try and pretend there have not been trucks going in and out of there for over 40 years now, and no there have not been complaints all along the complaints started when the last earthquake shook all the nuts lose from the south

  2. R Humphfres says:

    I grew up next to a chicken ranch. Every thing was fine until some developer built homes all around it. Then everyone who moved in wanted the chickens gone. Are you people that stupid to buy a home next to a plant not expecting it to make noise or smell. You have a choise, you made some money hungry developer rich and now you want a honest hard working family to move wjhich will cost them a small fortune to move. You should all pitch in and buy them a new location and help them move or move out yourself.

  3. dan says:

    why….? if it’s bothering you so much, why did you not say something 12 years ago?? could it be your just another bunch of Californians who moved up a year ago, next door to a local business and are now complaining about what YOU moved next door to? sounds to me like the ASHLAND attitude is spreading to nearby city’s

  4. Shawnna Morrow says:

    An asphalt plant is an air emissions site, and as such is required to report to the EPA. The EPA then puts out a map available online for people to see whether there are air emissions issues in an area when they are considering moving there.
    This particular asphalt plant has NOT been available on the EPA’s enviromapper, which means that people, like myself, who chose Talent for good air quality were blindsided by the grotesque commercial plant in a residential zone. It’s not stupidity. It’s an illegal business that isn’t doing its permitting properly, and it’s making people– children, elders, and people in between sick!

  5. Bob Biggerstaff says:

    Really, for my entire life this place has been running. You buy houses next to it WHILE it is operation and then you complain about it? Where did all these self righteous people come from? I don’t recall folks like that living around here when I was younger… HMMM.

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