Talent Faces Trash Troubles

TALENT, Ore. — What Talent residents throw away, Recology picks up – but taking away that garbage is getting costly for the company. Recology says more people are choosing to recycle. It helps the environment, but hurts the company, saying producing fewer cans of trash means they have to charge less.

Recology is also seeing an increase in company expenses, particularity in fuel, which is they say is up 51%. Recology also notes expenses such as insurance, wages and benefits are also contributing to the cost problem.

The company also says, since 2009, it’s been losing money. The city council is reviewing Recology’s financial records and are now discussing several proposals. The first is to increase rates 11.2% equally for residents and commercial residents. The second would be to unequally increase rates for a total of 11.2%, where commercial customers would pay more.

While these are both proposals, Recology says one must be approved. Ashland adopted the second proposal for its city in January.