Talent Dispensary Focused On Going Green

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TALENT, Ore — A medical marijuana dispensary focused on “going green” is up and running in the Rogue Valley. For the last five weeks, Talent Health club has been working with patients at their store on South Pacific Highway.

The shop is one of three Rogue Valley dispensaries with city and state certification that are open, but owners say they are the only one with “Clean Green certification.”

Clean Green is a review program that credits the shop for offering products that have been treated with only the use of natural, non-synthetic sprays and fertilizers.

“It’s a certified farm that we’re working with, with certified procedures that are being carried through all the way until the sales are taking place. and it’s important that certain steps aren’t getting missed along the way,” said Jamin Giersbach, Talent Health Club’s Owner.

While only some of the stock is Clean Green certified, owners say the products have been popular among patients, and they hope farmers they work with consider growing a more natural marijuana.