Taking Flight: What Money Can’t Buy

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Eagle Point, Ore. —   As a student teller for Rogue Credit Union’s Eagle Point High School student branch, Jourden Ellison is used to dealing with money.  Now she’s using money to do some good for her school’s Sparrow, “He is very close to all of our hearts.  He was just a normal kid a couple years ago and then all these happened to him with a tumor.”

As part of Rogue Credit Union’s community service requirement for its student branches, Jourden decided to raise funds for Eagle Point High School’s Sparrow, Brian Borges.

Brian was your typical teenager in early 2012, but a trip to the doctor revealed a basketball sized tumor sitting on his brain stem.  After surgeries, his motor skills and speech have been impacted.

That’s why Jourden held a bake sale, t-shirt sales and a dance to raise $1,200 for Brian.

Rogue Credit Union’s CEO, Gene Pelham, said, “It kind of takes your breath away, it takes your breath away from knowing that you planted a seed and now it’s growing, and it’s going to grow to benefit so many others.”