Taking Flight: Sparrow Clubs Hire Mom

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MEDFORD, Ore. — On the first day on the job, Lindsey Lahr is learning the ropes.

As “assistant to the Oregon Director of Sparrow Clubs,” Lindsey will be talking to families, sponsors, writing grants and making videos.

Lindsey’s involvement in the organization isn’t new, but last time it was her child’s name on the list of sparrows, and the video inspiring Grants Pass High School students to make that difference for Kaleb.

“You have a chance to make a difference,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey’s son is dealing with several serious heart conditions.

“You go from the greatest excitement because you have this new baby to you could lose this new baby, and there’s nothing that can prepare you for that moment,” Lindsey added.

Kaleb was adopted by the high school twice, first in 2010 as a three month old. His family didn’t know if he would survive.

“They were supporting us, they were supporting my son, that we didn’t know if he would make it,” Lindsey explained. “And they were saying they would stand there with us.”

And then again as a one year old, who had just had surgery. That failed, causing leaking around his heart.

“It blessed our family so much, to think that a high school student went out there and, you know, five hours of community service for our son,” Lindsey said. “It was amazing.”

Kaleb just celebrated his third birthday, a birthday that in 2010 wasn’t even in sight for the infant adopted by Grants Pass High School.

“He’s a fighter, he’s feisty, he’s a talker, he jib jabs,” she said.

Now, Kaleb’s mom will be helping children like hers and parents like her, by taking on the newly added position at Sparrow Clubs.

“I want to support them through this because I know how much we needed it and I know how much these families need it.”

The same support that now has the Lahr family celebrating every success

“He asks for cheese in the shapes of octagons and rainbows.”

Matt Sampson, the new Oregon director, says the expansion of the program is a result of the success the Southern Oregon region has had.