Taking Flight: Art for Sparrows

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Medford, Ore. — Rogue Valley artists are working to perfect their craft with an artist you may recognize from PBS, Stefan Baumann.  Among the 20 artists, is actress Adrienne King.

The local group of artists, called the “Grand View Fine Arts Society” held its first exhibition over the weekend to benefit Southern Oregon Sparrow Clubs.

Dozens of paintings filled Central Art Supply in downtown Medford.  The artists were showing off their paintings, they said, defines the Northwest.  Adrienne King said, “You can feel the northwest, you can feel where we live, the rivers, the waterfalls, the animals and the children, of course.”

The children of Southern Oregon will be the ones benefiting from this event.  10% of the sales from the exhibition go to Southern Oregon Sparrow Clubs.  King has given back to Sparrow Clubs before as a former Dancing with the Rogue Valley Starts contestant.  She said, “I saw what they do for children, not only helping children each other, but something so special about the charity that really hits us all – they show an awareness of each other and compassion.”

Sparrow Clubs’ Regional Director said every donation helps, “Every dime that is spent on the program, every dime we use to find kids and get kids adopted – it’s all raised her locally.  So it means a lot when the community keeps stepping up.”

The Grand View Fine Arts Society holds classes every Thursday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Central Art Supply.  For more information head to http://www.thegrandview.org/.

If you would like to donate to Southern Oregon Sparrow Clubs, contact matt@sparrowclubs.org