Taking Flight: Soaring with Support

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Ashland, Ore. — Almost exactly a year after discovering a brain tumor, an Ashland Middle School student is getting some extra support.  That support is coming from Alex Shepherd’s own classmates.

Ashland Middle School students adopted Alex as their sparrow this month.  Alex said, “It feels like an honor and a blessing to have all these other kids my age help.”

The 12-year-old’s life was changed forever almost exactly a year ago.  He had a seizure that led to the discovery of a brain tumor.  It’s mean chemotherapy, radiation and four brain surgeries.  Even so, Alex has continued doing some of his favorite things doctors didn’t think he would be able to do.  That includes skiing, biking and surfing.

“They haven’t seen a child go back to playing sports, getting A’s and doing as well.  He’s going to be the exception to this,” his mom Aushna Shepherd said.

Through Sparrow Clubs, Ashland Middle School students will do volunteer work to raise money for Alex and his family.