Taking Flight: Recipe of Hope

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PHOENIX, Ore. — Liberty Tax of Ashland, Phoenix and Talent is teaming up with Phoenix High School’s Sparrow Club for a chili cook-off.

Stephanie Farrel works for Liberty Tax, but next weekend, she’ll be cooking on the job; entering her own chili recipe in the cook-off, pitting it against other best recipes. Phoenix High School’s Sparrow Club is also cooking up their own recipe.

“One person can do anything and change the life of a child, that’s how I see this, I can make chili what can you do,” said Farrel.

Antonio Prince has cerebral palsy and epilepsy; the 4-year-old is confined to a wheelchair. He can’t speak; doesn’t have gross motor skills; and has daily seizures, but he’s changing the lives of the high school students who have adopted him as their Sparrow.

“When I look at Antonio, who’s only four years old, it does make me step back and look at my life and say ‘Okay well, a lot of these struggles aren’t so bad,'” said Mykayla Pond, a freshman at Phoenix High School.

Antonio is inspiring these freshmen to take something simple, like a recipe for chili, and turn it into emotional and financial support.

“He has so much life in him and when we do raise money for him and his mom are so grateful,” said Pond.

The recipe for a successful Sparrow Clubs program doesn’t end with students and a Sparrow. Local company support, from businesses like Liberty Tax, are an important ingredient – with a dash of community support and a pot of chili.

The Liberty Tax Chili Cook-Off is happening next Saturday, March 16th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. It’s happening the the parking lot of the Liberty Tax service of Phoenix. Liberty Tax is still looking for people to take part in the cook-off.

It costs $25 to enter your chili in to the contest. The winner will get a prize package and bragging rights. Admission is free, but the tasting fee is $5 for adults and $3 for children ages 6 to 12.