Taking Flight: Medford Madness

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MEDFORD, Ore. — March Madness is taking over at least one of the Rogue Valley’s Sparrow Clubs. South Medford High School hosted “Medford Madness”, pitting South Medford High School teachers against North Medford High School teachers.

South Medford High School students adopted 4-year-old Adryan Banuelos-Carrillo as their Sparrow. ¬†Almost two years ago, Adryan jumped off a couch hitting his head, suffering a skull fracture, a traumatic brain injury and the loss of his motor skills. After the accident, his parents were told he may not survive, but six surgeries and seven procedures and nearly two years later, his family says he’s still fighting.

Adryan, along with his family, watched the “Medford Madness” benefit game that was put together by two South Medford students. South Medford doesn’t have to do it alone; the school has teamed up with Griffin Creek Elementary. ¬†It’s a unique relationship, with two schools benefiting one Sparrow.