Taking Flight: Legacy of Love

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A family who was once taken under Sparrow Clubs’ wing when their child was adopted as a Sparrow is now giving back. For the first time. The Ethan Jostad Foundation is getting involved as sponsors.

In a recent Sparrow assembly, McLoughlin Middle School was introduced to their Sparrow: a 4-year-old battling leukemia. The introduction was in a video asking students to make a difference; a difference one family in the crowd has seen before.

In 2009, at the time Ethan was a 7-year-old also fighting a cancer that would eventually take his life two years later.

The Jostads are now passing on the love and support they received during that trying time by sponsoring Sparrows through their organization, named for their son, the Ethan Jostad Foundation.

“It just meant so much for us, and to now be on the other side of that and be able to help these families out, it feels great,” said Chris Jostad, Ethan’s dad.

Now, as they sit on the other side of the assemblies as a sponsor, their tears fall for several reasons.

“We’ve been there before, and it’s really difficult to see other children go through what we watched Ethan go through,” said Ethan’s mom, Kim. “It’s just painful to see…a child diagnosed with cancer.”

The two Sparrows the Jostad Foundation is sponsoring, Izzy and Jorge, were diagnosed with different forms of cancer. Izzy and Jorge have recently been told they are disease free.

The Ethan Jostad Foundation says its biggest event, a golf tournament, helped the foundation get involved with Sparrow Clubs. This year’s 3rd annual event is coming up and they are looking for volunteers. For more information on how to help, click here.