Sparrow Clubs: Jack-A-Palooza

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ASHLAND, Ore. — A community is rallying around a 9-year-old boy battling a rare type of cancer. Those who know Jack Dorr know he’s a Lego master, but these legos are doing more than just creating sculptures like the Death Star – they’re helping him regain the ability in his right hand that he lost when he had a spinal cord tumor removed.

Shortly after the rare cancer in Jack’s spinal column was found, a family friend stepped up to help. Kathy Kane started asking for donations, to buy the “Death Star” Lego set, which cost about $400. Kane says within 12 hours, she reached that amount several times over, raising thousands.

“Definitely had the feeling there was a lot more support out there that needed to be funneled, there was just so many people and just an incredible outpouring of love towards Jack,” said Kathy Kane,
organizer of Jack-A-Palooza.

That idea of support is what inspired “Jack-A-Palooza”. The family-friendly fundraising event is taking over ScienceWorks on Friday. The event was put together by a group of moms, but they say, it quickly gained speed, getting attention and support through donations.

Including everything from high-priced items for the event’s raffle and silent auction, to handmade hats, to the some 2,000 people now wearing bracelets of support.

“There’s so many people that see the situation and want to support the family, there’s just a lot of people in this community with really big hearts,” said Kathy.

“This event is about fundraising, but before that, it’s about love,” said Anna Houppermans, another organizer.

The event is making sure Jack has the force with him. “Jack-A-Palooza” is happening Friday from 6 to 10 p.m. at ScienceWorks in Ashland. It’s $5 to get in, or $15 for a family. The money will go to the Dorr family to pay for the next year of treatment and bi-monthly trips to Portland.