Taking Flight: Hope Behind Bars

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Grants Pass, Ore. — For the first time ever, Sparrow Clubs is reaching an unlikely group of students.  The students are inmates with the Oregon Youth Authority.

A 2-year-old is sharing strength with young men at least six times her age.  Her name is Liliana Maupin and she is Newbridge High School’s sparrow.  She has hydrocephalus, a brain injury and eats through a tube in her stomach. Like all children adopted through Sparrow Clubs, it’s enough to inspire a group of students.  But this group of students is different.  The students are inmates.

“We’re people, just because we made a decision or whatever.  We have hearts, we care, just because we’re in this situation we can’t reach out, but with this it gives opportunity. We’re able to reach out, we’re able to help behind bars,” said inmate Dillon Miguel.

Newbridge High School is part of the Rogue Valley Youth Correctional Facility.  As a school the students have reached out to help Liliana.  They have raised more than double their goal, $2,000 for Liliana.  They’ve also showered her with gifts, created a plaque, poem and rap song.

“It gives me a sense of confidence, that I can do better in my own life, instead of doing all this trouble stuff,” said Eric Smith, an inmate who wrote a rap for Liliana.