Taking Flight: Fight for a Sparrow

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Medford, Ore. — South Medford High School hosted a USA Boxing Sanctioned event for its Sparrow.  The event was organized by Valor coach, Todd Beck to benefit sparrow, Isaiah Harris.

To start off the boxing event Isaiah showed off some of his fighting skills in the ring, but it’s a different fight putting him in the ring.  It’s a fight to save Isaiah’s vision.  The event’s organizer, Todd Beck said, “The way I understand it, it’s not a question of if he’ll lose his eyesight, but how long they can stall it.”

This year, South Medford High School adopted the 2nd grader as their Sparrow.  Isaiah was born with a rare eye disease called congenital glaucoma.  He’s slowly losing his vision as he deals with pain, headaches and patching one of his eyes for 90 minutes a day.

Even through all of that, his boxing coach, Beck, said he always has a smile on his face.

The event brought in $5,500.  The money will be split among Sparrow Clubs, the Harris family and the event’s expenses.