Taking Flight: Cookie Support

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Ashland, Ore. — The school year has wrapped up, but not without helping another sparrow child.  Bellview Elementary students raised thousands of dollars for their classmate and sparrow with a cookie fundraiser.

Luke Laurenson has cerebral palsy.  His mom, Jane Hogan, said doctors didn’t expect him to accomplish much in his lifetime, “They thought it was a possibility he would never walk, he would never talk, that he would be in a wheel chair, that he would have to maybe be in an institution.”

But the 3rd grader can walk short distances by himself, can talk with technology and far from being in an institution he spends his days in public school with friends.

“He’s socializing well with his peers.  Earlier on he wasn’t able to do that, it was really hard for him and now he’s able to and his personality’s really coming forth even more,” Jane said.

It’s been made easier with Sparrow Clubs.  Through the organization Bellview Elementary adopted Luke, their classmate, as their sparrow.

Luke, through what his mom calls his ‘talk buddy’ said, “I cannot believe that the whole school knows me, and it feels great.”

The school recently took part in a cookie fundraiser selling about 300 cookies, raising an estimated $6,000.

Luke decided he wants to share some of the proceeds with the family of another sparrow, Jack Dorr, who recently lost his life.