Taking Flight: Adryan’s Birthday

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MEDFORD, Ore. — It’s a birthday party in the work zone. That means cats for centerpieces, a construction site for the birthday cake and of course, balloons and signs.

“Adryan deserves all this and more,” says his mom Adriana Banuelos-Carillo.

Adryan Banuelos-Carillo is now five years old. A birthday, doctors initially said he may not get to after he jumped off a couch, hitting his head, suffering a skull fracture, traumatic brain injury and the loss of his motor skills.

But despite the warnings from doctors Adryan’s parents say his fight wouldn’t stop, “We’ve always had a lot of faith and no matter what they told us, we weren’t going to take no for an answer.”

Almost two years later, Adryan is re-gaining his skills. Now eating again and even smiling.

“What really touched us this morning, he knew it was his birthday,” Adriana says. “We went into his room and sang happy birthday to him and his smile, was like from ear to ear.”

At his party, the tools to build include marshmallows and pretzels. But for Adryan Sparrow Club is one of the tools putting the pieces back together.

“This is just celebrating a year, another year, a really hard year but a really successful one that Adryan’s been through,” explains South Medford high school senior Molly Pritchard.

Among the party guests, South Medford high school students who have spent the school year donating their time and raising money for the now-five year old.

“I hope they just feel happy to be around Adryan,” adds senior Terra-Anne Backes. “It’s just his birthday, a day to celebrate him.”

These seniors and Adryan’s family are building relationships that will last even after the school year ends.

“It’s touching because it’s not just like Adryan was their sparrow,” his mom says. “They had to do it, the year’s over and it’s done. They all want contact with him, I want contact with them.

A constructive lesson, not only for Adryan’s family, but for the students.

“There have been points in my life whereIi just want to stop and give up but to see Adryan and his family keep pushing and fighting, and that quit isn’t even in their vocab, it’s really inspirational,” Molly says.

It’s work now so Adryan will once again be able to play.

“Adryan will get there, he’s a fighter and he’s fighting his way to recovery and we’re going to make it,” Adriana adds, paving the way for many more birthdays.