Taking Flight: A Sparrow’s Wings

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A Southern Oregon school got the chance to meet its Sparrow for the first time today as the students wrap up this year’s involvement in Sparrow Clubs.

This year, Rogue Valley Adventist Academy completed more hours of community service than there are students. 2-year-old Mateo Lopez is getting ready for only his 3rd family trip out of the house in nearly his entire life; it means bringing along the machines keeping him alive.

The toddler, with a form of dwarfism, has spent much of his life in hospitals. Mateo has battled constant seizures, pneumonia, and his organs shutting down. Now, he’s doing much better living at home, and on this day, he’s leaving the house – a rare trip that’s only possible with his nurse’s wheelchair van.

Mateo is heading to meet the students who adopted him as a Sparrow for the first time and who spent the year raising money to make sure Mateo’s family can take more trips like this one with their own van.

Rogue Valley Adventist Academy students are helping the Lopez family by completing the 256-sponsored community service hours. Between only 150 students, they did more than 300 hours. For each hour, they completed a form in which they described how Mateo impacted their lives.

The Lopez family has yet to purchase a wheelchair van, but are closer to finding one that can fit the entire family of four and Mateo’s equipment.