Taking Flight: A Heart with Wings

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — In less than 24 hours after adopting their Sparrow, South Middle School students have raised nearly half of the money designated for the child in need they’re helping.

Friday morning, Grants Pass students logged nearly 100 of the 250 sponsored community service hours; that means in just hours, they’ve raised nearly a thousand dollars.

A Grants Pass middle school is getting to know their Sparrow. At just five (and a half) It’s easy to see Chloe has charisma, charm and even dance moves.

What you can’t see on the outside is the fight she’s up against. In December, Chloe was diagnosed with the cancer of blood and bone marrow, which means chemotherapy every ten days and several spinal taps.

“The hardest part is the poke and taking it out,” said Chloe.

On this day, however, the hard part was forgotten for a moment when South Middle School adopted her as their Sparrow.

“My favorite part was when they all stand up and clapped for me,” Chloe said.

A standing ovation, from about 600 students, middle schoolers touched by a girl almost a third their age.

“Right now, I’m 13 and I”ve never had anything like that happen to me, but to be five and have that happen to you, it would be so hard,” said Kennedy Beck
an 8th grader at the school.

That’s why the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders are pledging their support to their new sparrow.

“They were saying nice words like ‘I know you can get through this,'” said Chloe.

“That’s a lot of caring kids, they could be doing other things, typical teenager things,” remarked Cynthia Davison, Chloe’s mom.

These kids are used to giving. Through what the school calls, “South Has Heart”. The students earned $4,000 individual hearts, creating larger hearts in the school’s gym.

“You have those that can just be the ornery little pistols during the day, ‘it’s all about me, it’s all about the drama I can be involved in’, but all of a sudden when they come together for somebody else in need, they act like young adults,” said Principal of South Middle School Rene Cardiff.

Now, along with raising money for Chloe, these students will be collecting ‘sparrows’ to line the hallways, showing South’s heart has wings. Chloe has an 85 percent chance of beating the leukemia. Doctors have put her on a 2 and a half year regimen.