Taking Flight: A Foundation for Flight

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NEAR GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Through Sparrow Clubs, students are able to donate their time to make a big difference in a family’s life, but one student is making an even bigger difference actually bringing Sparrow Clubs to her school.

North Valley High School is celebrating a year-long effort revolved around 8-year-old Mason Keene; a boy, who because of a genetic disorder, can’t walk, talk or feed himself.

The students’ hearts are strengthened by a boy named Mason, in the same way a mason strengthens walls.Through sponsored community service hours and fundraisers, the students gave their support, raising funds. The school raised more than $6,000 for their Sparrow.

The cornerstone of this success is one of the school’s seniors, Trysten Kelly. Three years ago as a sophomore and a new student, Trysten brought Sparrow Clubs to the school. Not long after, North Valley adopted its first sparrow in about five years. With that foundation in place, three years later, for their third consecutive sparrow, the students are once again standing.

For Trysten, as the student heading up the club, her impact goes further, helping unite the student’s she goes to school with, working together. Building upon a foundation, set by student, allowing more sparrow’s to take flight. Trysten is headed to college to pursue a career in pediatric nursing, but before leaving, she has passed the club on to two other students.