MONEYWATCH: Surviving Winter Spending

In major cities like Boston, and for the nation’s airlines, more snow means more cold hard cash lost, as snow removal expenses and cancelled flights add up. Personal finance expert, Vera Gibbons, said the snowy weather can impact a household’s bottom line too. “Every season there are certain things that we spend money on, and … Continue reading »

Winter Challenges for Ashland Homeless

ASHLAND, Ore. —  The cold weather is putting more pressure on transients and homeless in the area to find shelter. Some are now turning to local businesses, but ending up on the wrong side of the law in doing so. Living outdoors is not easy and although there are shelters and warming stations, they are not … Continue reading »

Police Expect Higher Crime for Holidays

ASHLAND, Ore. — Before you head out to the mall for holiday shopping, or make that over the phone donation, police say you should be cautious. Holiday season is always a time where crime spikes for communities. Police say the first line of defense is being aware of your surroundings. Always be on the lookout … Continue reading »

Free day to Weatherize Homes, Cut Costs

MEDFORD, Ore.– ACCESS is hosting a free “Weatherization Day” to help people prepare their homes for the colder season, while cutting down costs. The event is being held at the ACCESS Olsrud Nutrition Center located at 2020 Cardinal Avenue in Medford, until 2p.m. Staff is on site to answer questions and hand out free food … Continue reading »

Addressing the Need for Coats

MEDFORD, Ore. — Jackson County’s average wage rate is up five percent from last year, but there are still 20-thousand kids who live below the poverty line. Kids all across Southern Oregon need coats to keep them warm this winter. It may not be the latest toy, but a coat at this time of year … Continue reading »

In the Garden: Winter Garden

Medford, Ore. — It’s August, but it’s already time to start thinking about your winter garden.  Even though we deal with below-freezing temperatures in the winter, there are still plants that thrive. OSU Extension Master Gardeners say there are a lot of reasons to plant winter gardens, including that pests won’t be around.  There’s also … Continue reading »

Trees and Shrubs Affected by Cold Winter

MEDFORD, Ore. — After the colder-than-average temperatures this winter, you may have noticed your trees and plants have had a harder time bouncing back this spring. Temperatures dropped dangerously low for regional plants during December when the plants were in their dormant state. Now, as we move into spring, some plants are not growing or … Continue reading »

Firefighters Open Door to Help Aquarium

GOLD HILL, Ore. — With ice on the interstate and chains on their tires, the weather proved to be much colder than two men coming from southern California anticipated. “We were coming down and we had to chain up and we were going really slow at that point, trying to find a warm place that … Continue reading »

Icy Roads Cause Medford Streets to Close

MEDFORD, Ore. — While cars were sliding down East Main Street, Jeremy Withrow and his friend stepped up to lend a push to those who needed it. About a quarter inch of ice built up and some cars were trying to take a chance and drive down the hill. The slick roads caused cars to … Continue reading »

School Closures and Delays

MEDFORD, Ore. — Keep checking this post for a list of school closures for the day. We will post that information here and on social media as it comes to us. SCHOOL CLOSURES: MEDFORD SCHOOL DISTRICT PHOENIX/TALENT SCHOOL DISTRICT ASHLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT CENTRAL POINT SCHOOL DISTRICT GRANTS PASS SCHOOL DISTRICT THREE RIVERS SCHOOL DISTRICT ROGUE … Continue reading »

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