Winter Forecast

WINTER SPECIAL As meteorologists, when we talk about long term forecasting, we look at global changes in the weather pattern.  While there are several different types of these teleconnections, or oscillations, the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is one of the most influential for North America. In early November, the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) released … Continue reading »

Fog Facts & Driving Tips

Fog is one of the most hazardous driving conditions we have to deal with in our area. It is important to drive safely through fog and use the tips we provide such as driving slowly and keeping enough space between you and the car ahead of you. You should keep your headlights on so that … Continue reading »

Winter Pet Safety

Megan talked with Carol Bryant from the Grange Co-op Pet Country about pet supplies. Carol shared with us that, ” a dog house for larger dogs that live outdoors make a perfect shelter outdoors. It’s easily cleaned, its not made of wood so it doesn’t absorb the moisture. A pet mat and the water bowl … Continue reading »

Elevation & Snow Level

A lot of times we talk about snow levels; that’s the elevation that snow can reach down to. So if we have a snow level of 4,000 feet, Sexton Summit is going to be dealing with rain. Medford, also just a below Ashland and can get rain when Ashland gets snow. Crater Lake, one of … Continue reading »

Winter Weather Outlook

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, above normal precipitation will fall during December, January and February across the Eastern United States, while the West. They’re still forecasting drier than normal across Southern Oregon and really dry across California, as a result of a condition that we call El Nino.  They were forecasting that … Continue reading »