Wildlife Safari Zoobilee

WINSTON, Ore. — Halloween is right around the corner and the Wildlife Safari is getting ready for its annual Zoobilee. Besides getting to check out the safari’s newest additions, including two marmosets, visitors can play games, visit different booths, and even see some special Halloween themed shows. “It’s called Dr. Frankenstein and the Superspecies Serum. … Continue reading »

Wildlife Safari Prepares New Attraction

Winston, Ore. — The recent heat has more than just people heading to the watering hole.  Now elephants at Wildlife Safari are preparing to do the same! On August 1st – 3rd, the park will host the grand opening for its elephant watering hole.  You can see the elephants cooling off in the summer heat. … Continue reading »

Local Group Working to Save the Cheetah

WINSTON, Ore. – Frankie, an adult male cheetah, lets out a high-pitched bark and paces back and forth in his roomy enclosure. He’s calling out to the female in the enclosure next door. But his breeders say, unlike most animals, if you put the two together, chances are nothing will happen. “The females can be … Continue reading »

Cheetah Cub Saved By a Helping Hand

WINSTON, Ore. — A tricky birth almost took the life of a cheetah cub this past weekend, but with fast acting staff, a life was saved and a star was born. Wildlife Safari welcomed its 174th cheetah born at the park through the internationally recognized cheetah breeding program. On May 3, first time cheetah mom, … Continue reading »

Wildlife Encounters for Spring Break

A cheetah from Wildlife Safari visited Newswatch 12 today. Wildlife Safari officials said spring break is the perfect time to visit, “It’s not so hot yet, so the animals are lower, closer to the road so you’re really going to get a bird’s eye view of the animals.” It also has a lot of new … Continue reading »