Local School Praised For Anti-Bullying

MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford students are using new techniques to prevent bullying and those techniques are getting the school recognized. Washington Elementary is considered an “exemplary school” for how its staff members implement anti-bullying strategies. Paul Messenger is the school’s Positive Behavior Coach. He works with students every day teaching what he calls “recess school.” … Continue reading »

Local Schools Saddened Over Sandy Hook

MEDFORD, Ore. – Local teachers and administrators are heartbroken over the Connecticut school shooting. The Washington Elementary School staff are pretty shaken by the Connecticut school shooting. In their line of work, when it involves children or school administrators, it hits close to home. It’s a sober day at school with the sadness spreading to … Continue reading »

Medford School Named Historic Location

MEDFORD, Ore. – A Medford elementary school built more than 80 years ago is being honored for its history in the community and it’s been a long history for Washington Elementary School. The school was originally built in the late 1800s, then after a fire it was moved to the current site of the Jackson … Continue reading »