Tsunami Debris Possibly From Temple

OCEANSIDE, Ore. — A possible piece from a Japanese temple has washed up on shore near Oceanside, Oregon. A local resident found the wooden slab which he says is from the top of a religious structure. He notified parks officials to let them know of his find and they are now storing the object. The … Continue reading »

New Tsunami Debris Warning For Oregon

SALEM, Ore. — Tsunami debris has been a hot topic along the Oregon coast since a massive concrete dock washed ashore in June. Now, a new warning has been issued from the state of Oregon that changing seasons could mean more tsunami debris will land on the coast. The Governor’s Tsunami Debris Task Force is … Continue reading »

Groups Join to Clean Oregon Coast

Four non-profit groups will work together to rid the Oregon coast of tsunami debris washing ashore from Japan. The Oregon Marine Debris Team say it plans to create a data base of people who can monitor the coast, report any debris and help clean it up. Volunteers near Lincoln city report finding items such as … Continue reading »