Underwater Tsunami Damage Slowing Crescent City Salvage Efforts

March 20, 2011 By Steven Sandberg CRESCENT CITY, Calif. — The damage on the surface of the Crescent City harbor is being cleared away, but salvage teams say the damage underwater is still immense. “We’ve got a cluster of boats,” said Danny Broadhurst of Global Diving and Salvage. “About four of them, and one’s on … Continue reading »

Volunteers Clean Up Tsunami Damage On Crescent City Beaches

By Steven Sandberg March 19, 2011 CRESCENT CITY, Calif.  — More than a week after the tsunami devastated Crescent City’s harbor, volunteers say they want to do their part to help rebuild from the disaster. On Saturday, hundreds of volunteers armed with garbage bags combed the beaches of Crescent City, cleaning up whatever debris they … Continue reading »

Tsunami Damage: One Week Later

March 18, 2011 By Erin Maxson CRESCENT CITY, Calif. — One week after a series of tsunami waves pummeled the coast, debris is being lifted from the harbor; boats are also rising from the sea floor. Crews in the Crescent City harbor are pushing debris in the water towards the excavator so it can pick … Continue reading »

Tsunami Impacts Southern Oregon & Northern California Harbors

The devastating tsunami that swept through Japan in March 2011 made national headlines, but it also struck close to home to costal towns in Southern Oregon and Northern California. On March 11, 2011, a 9.0 earthquake struck about 130 kilometers east of Sendai, Japan. The largest earthquake to ever hit Japan triggered a massive tsunami, … Continue reading »