Highway 62 Cameras Up and Running

MEDFORD, Ore. — New cameras designed to improve traffic flow along Highway 62 have officially gone online this week. Those cameras were placed at every intersection between Coker Butte Road and Highway 238. The devices can sense when traffic is starting to build up in one direction and can adjust signals to keep traffic moving. … Continue reading »

New Cameras to Improve Traffic Flow

MEDFORD, Ore. – Cameras have been installed at nine intersections in Medford to hopefully improve traffic flow and reduce wait times at red lights. Medford installed adaptive signal timing at intersections along Highway 62 between Coker Butte Road and Highway 238. The system uses cameras to automatically track traffic patterns and adjust the amount of … Continue reading »

Road Crews Ready for the Cold

ASHLAND, Ore. — Cold temperatures and a looming storm have road crews prepare to plow. Medford shattered a record low temperature Thursday morning, a record that was set back in 1972. The snow will begin Thursday night in Southern Oregon and Northern California, impacting Friday morning travel. Right now, the plows parked in the ODOT … Continue reading »