Tourists Shocked by Weed Fire Damage

WEED, Calif. — A group of international tourists say, one of the most striking memories of their cross-country trip is driving through weed. The group from Finland says, they’ve dreamed about visiting America for years. They started their journey in New York, as they planned to visit big cities all across the US, but when … Continue reading »

Transient Presence in Downtown Ashland

ASHLAND, Ore. — Many gather in the Ashland Plaza at all times of the day. Some transients say they try to be respectful of the people who work downtown and those passing-by on their way to different destinations in the city. It’s at night though, when the commotion in the plaza starts getting loud. One … Continue reading »

Short-term Rentals Against City Code

ASHLAND, Ore. — Last year Ashland resident Tom Dubois used the internet and the downstairs part of his home to make some extra money. “Before we knew that it wasn’t allowed, we rented  out to people for short term visits, over nights,  maybe one or two nights at a time, mostly to  couples in their … Continue reading »