Tips for Protecting Pets in Fires

MEDFORD, Ore. — Four dogs were killed in three different house fires in the Rogue Valley in the past week. Animal experts say losing animals in fires sometimes cannot be avoided, but there are some steps pet owners can take to give pets the best chance. First, try to not cage the animals if possible … Continue reading »

Tips for Safety During the Big Game

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Super Bowl is almost upon us, and people are prepping to host parties to watch the most televised event of the year. It is important to remember that if you are hosting, there are a few ways to keep you, your guests, and your property safe. Impaired driving increases after the game … Continue reading »

Police Expect Higher Crime for Holidays

ASHLAND, Ore. — Before you head out to the mall for holiday shopping, or make that over the phone donation, police say you should be cautious. Holiday season is always a time where crime spikes for communities. Police say the first line of defense is being aware of your surroundings. Always be on the lookout … Continue reading »

Tips To Protect Property in Hot Weather

MEDFORD, Ore. —  With temperatures pushing triple digits this week, technicians give tips to get your car and home ready for the hot weather. When the temperatures heat up, most people automatically think about adjusting the thermostat or blasting the air conditioning in their car, which technicians that might not be the best idea when hot weather … Continue reading »