20-Year Legacy of Northwest Forest Plan

MEDFORD, Ore. – It’s been a familiar sight in Oregon to see the constant battle among timber companies, environmental groups, and rural counties. One group says good-paying jobs are at stake, another wants to protect native animals and habitats, and the third wants to avoid more cuts to county services. The back-and-forth has gone on … Continue reading »

Federal Timber Dollar Payments Expected

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Friday,  the US Forest Service announced it will soon release $67.8 million in payments to 18 Oregon counties under the Secure Rural Schools program. Oregon is expected to receive more than $107 million in timber payments, once the Interior Department releases its funding to counties in the coming weeks. A county-by-county … Continue reading »

Timber Payments Draining County Accounts

OREGON — Sheriff’s from Southern Oregon told lawmakers something needs to be done about timber payments. Josephine, Curry, Douglas, and Polk County sheriff’s testified that their patrol forces are basically non-existent. Inmates are being routinely released and prosecutors are stretched too thin. They told a Salem panel that the lives of the officers they do … Continue reading »

Hearing on O&C Funds

WASHINGTON, D.C. — At the national capitol, Oregon’s representatives are not letting Congress off the hook when it comes to lost timber payments. On Thursday, Representatives Peter Defazio and Greg Walden announced that the House natural resources committee will conduct a hearing on a long-term bipartisan solution for the O&C lands on April 11. The … Continue reading »

Public Safety Closer To Extra Money

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Public safety leaders from all different service agencies gathered together to decide how to spend nearly half a million dollars. “We are all basically in bad shape. We are in a crisis mode here in our county,” said District Attorney, Stephen Campbell. With $450,000 in extended timber payments, county commissioners passed … Continue reading »