Major Local Timber Purchase Announced

MEDFORD, Ore. — Seattle-based Green Diamond Resource Company is investing in Southern Oregon timber land. The company recently announced the purchase of 600,000 of land from JWTR LLC in Klamath Falls for an undisclosed price, meeting with Jackson County Commissioners Thursday to discuss the final terms. Of that land, 17,000 acres were burned in the … Continue reading »

Timber Companies Salvage Burned Trees

NEAR BEAVER CREEK, Calif. — Private timber companies are getting back onto lands burned by this year’s wildfires to salvage dead or dying trees. Those in Siskiyou County say it’s the worst year they’ve seen in the past century. The hilltops inside the Beaver Fire area have been teeming with heavy machinery since early September, … Continue reading »

20-Year Legacy of Northwest Forest Plan

MEDFORD, Ore. – It’s been a familiar sight in Oregon to see the constant battle among timber companies, environmental groups, and rural counties. One group says good-paying jobs are at stake, another wants to protect native animals and habitats, and the third wants to avoid more cuts to county services. The back-and-forth has gone on … Continue reading »