Dispensaries Prepare for New Rules

PHOENIX, Ore. – Two employees train at the greenery in downtown Phoenix, going over each item to understand their properties and medicinal value. They hope to join a new wave of “budtenders” soon to spring up across the state. “The person behind the counter is absolutely the face of this industry, and is the most … Continue reading »

New Medical Marijuana Rule Discussed

PHOENIX, Ore. — Rules are now in place for Oregon’s medical marijuana dispensaries. The state announced those rules this week, but rather than ease tension, they have both sides preparing for a fight. Dispensary licenses are first come, first served, which means when they become legal in March, the floodgates will open and applications will … Continue reading »

Phoenix Debates Marijuana Dispensaries

PHOENIX, Ore. – Less than two months remain until medical marijuana dispensaries become legal in Oregon. Now the issue of whether or not to support them is making its way to the city of Phoenix. Like Medford, they’re looking at whether or not they’ll issue business licenses to dispensaries, an issue that came up in … Continue reading »

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