Cities Vote on Placing Measure on Ballot

MEDFORD, Ore. — Kim Cornette and her two young boys visited the Central Point library on Monday, a place that has become a regular stop every week. “For years we’ve enjoyed using the library, but recently since school has begun, we’ve enjoyed coming to find books that my boys can use for the projects and … Continue reading »

Hope Remains for OSU Extension

MEDFORD, Ore. – A service district would set the extension up for dedicated county funds as opposed to relying dwindling general funds. Normally it takes thousands of signatures just to get that on the ballot, but with commissioners’ help, the extension could be getting a free pass. For Braydon Dunbar, 4-H runs generations deep. “Both … Continue reading »

Extension Service Advocates Meet Tuesday

MEDFORD Ore. — Supporters of the Jackson County Extension Service are hoping to convince county commissioners to put a tax district on the ballot to help fund the programs. Department heads and supporters of the extension service will meet with commissioners for a work session Tuesday morning. They’re hoping to convince the board to put … Continue reading »