Sustainable Table: Commercial Composting

ASHLAND, Ore. — Dozens of restaurants, schools and grocery stores take advantage of commercial composting. Juice ‘N Java at the Ashland Food Co-Op is a busy place; all of the coffee stand’s grounds and filters go into a five gallon bucket. “We have about 8 to 10 gallons of waste a day, of just the … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Local Loaves

ASHLAND, Ore. – In the cold months a hearty loaf of bread pairs perfectly with a hot bowl of soup. One Southern Oregon bakery is making a local loaf, made with ingredients harvested from around the region. You could say Sunstone Artistry Bakery has a “hands-on” approach. The care they put into each loaf is … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Local Bounty

MEDFORD, Ore. – If you’ve ever overlooked an apple because it was bruised, or passed-over tomatoes that had gone soft, they’ll likely end up in the garbage or the compost, but a Rogue Valley woman is using those items on a much larger scale. Anne Eldridge started “Our Local Bounty” about 5 years ago. In the … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: New Year’s Resolution

MEDFORD, Ore. — If you find yourself making the same resolutions year after year, how about switching things up? In this Sustainable Table, we feature five easy ways to live more sustainably in 2013. Number 5 on our list: Plant A Garden. A garden can be as simple or as intense as you want it … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Local Latkes

JACKSONVILLE, Ore. – Wednesday night is the 5th night of Hannukah. At MacLevin’s Whole Food’s Eaterie in Jacksonville, you could order up latkes, an incredible ruben, or brisket. The recipe is simple: just a few things added to shredded potatoes. “It has egg and onion and flour and baking powder and salt and pepper,” explained … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: CSA

APPLEGATE, Ore. – It’s the gift that keeps on giving: local food can benefit your health, your area farmer and the community’s economy. There is an acronym for just about everything these days. Here’s one you should get to know: C.S.A., Community Supported Agriculture. Becoming a member or giving a membership as a gift this holiday … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Bees Wax Candles

EAGLE POINT, Ore. – Some workers in Eagle Point have been as busy as bees. A candle is a simple thing, but it can bring warm to a room or a meal. A Rogue Valley family knows that all too well and their bringing that knowledge and that light to people around the world. Angelika … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: A Grateful Hunt

CANYONVILLE, Ore. – It’s estimated there are more 300,000 hunters in the state of Oregon. Several things are in season right now, and one of those will be the centerpiece on at least a few Thanksgiving tables. NewsWatch 12’s Erin Maxson isn’t a licensed hunter but was able to go along with a very experienced … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Growers Market Grows

ASHLAND, Ore. — The Rogue Valley Growers and Crafters Market is just about to wrap up its 25th year, but you can still get some fixings for winter soups or a Thanksgiving meal. While it may look and feel a little bit different, the Rogue Valley Growers and Crafters Market still has plenty to offer … Continue reading »

Sustainable Table: Gospel’s Garden

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – The Gospel Rescue Mission in Grants Pass has a garden which is producing thousands of pounds of food. It took many donations of time and skills to make that garden grow, but now that it is, it feeds residents at the mission as well as those who are still in on … Continue reading »

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