Capitol Building Turns 75 Years Old

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon’s state capitol building is turning 75 years old. Event organizers say celebrations will include birthday candles, but not to expect any flames. Part of this year’s birthday party will include giant, fake candles with light bulbs surrounding the bronze pioneer statue on top of the capitol. Event organizers don’t want to … Continue reading »

Planned Parenthood Advocates Rally Today

SALEM, Ore — More than a hundred Oregonians are taking to the steps of the state capitol building today. Planned Parenthood advocates of Oregon say they’re taking part in “Women’s Health Care Day at the Capitol.” This comes as Oregon lawmakers consider several bills impacting women’s health. Planned Parenthood advocates say they support some but … Continue reading »

Renovations May Come to Capital Building

SALEM, Ore. — It’s going to cost millions of dollars and take several years to fix up Oregon’s State Capital Building. An advisory committee yesterday approved updating the electrical, plumbing and ventilation systems and equipping the 75-year-old building to withstand earthquakes. The price tag on this project, about 250-million dollars. If lawmakers approve the plan … Continue reading »