Gang Report Set to be Released

MEDFORD, Ore. — After more than two years of study, Jackson County is set to release its report on the growing gang problem in the Rogue Valley. Those reports will be revealed in two community meetings later this month. Community groups have been conducting research and interviews for the past two years to see how … Continue reading »

Arrests Made In Gang Shooting Case

MEDFORD, Ore. — An attempted murder in a shooting that involved two Medford gangs now has the man who allegedly pulled the trigger behind bars. The arrest made Wednesday was one of two made during the investigation. On the evening of March 8th, Medford Police responded to the scene of an apparent shooting on Bryant … Continue reading »

New Grant For Gang Prevention Program

MEDFORD, Ore. — On Wednesday, the Jackson County Commissioners approved a grant which will go to educating children throughout the county about the dangers of gangs. The grant money can be used immediately and may have a longer lasting impact than it appears. More than $31,000 in grant money has been awarded to implement a … Continue reading »