Pet of the Week: Max & Mona

Max & Mona are sibling kittens and they are 2 ½ months old. They are two out of a litter of six and are very sweet, as well as very vocal. C.A.T.S. recommends that if you are considering adopting a kitten, you should consider getting two. Two is better than one in this case, because … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week: Sandy & Amber

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for Pet Patrol. Bob Fowler from the Committed Alliance To Strays, or C.A.T.S, presents a cute cat, Sandy, and her kitten, Amber. Amber is one of five kittens, all of which are still nursing. Sandy’s kittens were in a foster system. Fostering animals, as opposed to permanent adoption, … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week: Kittens Galen and Garret

This week’s Pets of the Week are two black kittens, Galen and Garret. They are 2 ½ months old and are from a litter of 6. They are just learning to be sociable and are quite calm for their age. C.A.T.S would like to remind the public to be aware of providing specific care for … Continue reading »

Pet of the Week: A Litter of Kittens!

These kittens and their mama are looking for a permanent home.