Another Warm and Sunny Day

WEATHER DISCUSSION High pressure continues across the region, keeping sunny skies and warmer afternoons in play. A few light cirrus will paint the sky and temperatures will rise 10-15 degrees above season average. This morning has proven similar to yesterday’s. Cold to Chilly overnight temperatures and western river valley fog. Fog will lift a few … Continue reading »

Weekend Storm Brings in the Rain

WEATHER DISCUSSION Showers started last night as the weekend storm approached the region. Rain will continue, mostly light and scattered through Monday morning. The jetstream is pulling in a large area of moisture for Saturday keeping the rain in play. This will continue through the overnight hours into Sunday. Sunday will bring a decrease in … Continue reading »

Clouds Increase For the Weekend Rain

WEATHER DISCUSSUION Rain is right back in the forecast for this weekend. Today will be the prequel, with clouds and winds increasing. A large area of moisture is moving in from the southwest and will be dropping rain as soon as the high pressure sitting over us, moves further east. Showers will start at the … Continue reading »

Sunny Skies and Warmer For a Day

WEATHER DISCUSSION Shower subsided and then eventually came to an end in the late evening hours of yesterday. 24 hr rainfall totals had a little over a half an inch for the South Coast, and a few tenths to a few hundredths for inland locations. Rain was widespread and only certain areas had heavy showers … Continue reading »

Light and Widespread Showers Today

WEATHER DISCUSSION Showers started at the coast and for the west side valleys late last night. There was still a lot of dry air at the surface causing some virga, but eventually the air mass became saturated, which allowed the rain to fall to the ground. The first line of showers came through in the … Continue reading »

Showers Keep Inching Closer to Us

WEATHER DISCUSSION Looking outside today, you may notice a different visual of what has been seen for over a week and a half now. Clouds have been moving in from the southwest ahead of the next storm system moving in. Showers are expected to start falling at the coast this evening. As Wednesday progresses, stronger … Continue reading »

The Change Is Almost Here

WEATHER DISCUSSION One more day of dry, sunny, and warm weather today, before we start seeing a change in the weather pattern. Today, temperatures will once again be soaring above seasonal average. Our afternoon temperatures will top out around 15-20 degrees above what we typically see at this time of the year, and records will … Continue reading »

Record Setting Heat: Day 2

WEATHER DISCUSSION Today marks the second day that the heat from the overhead ridge has broken records. Friday afternoon, three records were surpassed. They were ¬†as follows: Klamath Falls: 65 degrees. (Breaking 64 from 2005) Roseburg: 71 degrees. (Breaking 70 from 1979) Mount Shasta City: 70 degrees. (Breaking 69 from 1979) Today, as far as … Continue reading »

“Spring-Like” For the Weekend

WEATHER DISCUSSION Temperatures are still on the upswing as the dominant ridge of high pressure strengthens overhead. Both afternoon and morning temperatures have been on a steady incline of about 2-7 degrees each day. This will allow for the warmest temperatures so far this year to come into play this weekend. A spring-like 70 degrees … Continue reading »

Clouds Go Away, to Bring Us a Sunny Day

WEATHER DISCUSSION Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Last weekend’s showers¬†were a relief from the long period of dry, sunny weather. However, the relief was brief. We get back to high pressure and sunny skies starting today. Showers have littered the forecast region due to a weak low pressure center situated over eastern Oregon. The system worked in … Continue reading »

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