Mostly Sunny & A Bit Warmer Thursday

WEATHER DISCUSSION Another day of mostly sunny skies helped highs climb to about ten degrees above average.  Those skies were mostly clear last night, and with the recent solar storm, we have seen an uptick in the Northern Lights.  In fact, the aurora was visible  as far south as Crater Lake last night.  We stand … Continue reading »

Spotty Showers & a Few Clouds Tuesday

WEATHER DISCUSSION Last weekend’s storm system moved through faster than predicted.  The steady rain began on Saturday as a warm front passed, then showers and wind moved in on Sunday with the cold front.  That front has since stalled in eastern Oregon, bringing light rain to places like Klamath Falls.  Spotty showers remain in the … Continue reading »

Weekend Storm Brings in the Rain

WEATHER DISCUSSION Showers started last night as the weekend storm approached the region. Rain will continue, mostly light and scattered through Monday morning. The jetstream is pulling in a large area of moisture for Saturday keeping the rain in play. This will continue through the overnight hours into Sunday. Sunday will bring a decrease in … Continue reading »

Rain Chances Ramping Up This Weekend

WEATHER DISCUSSION Friday brought another day of high clouds and mild temperatures, but by tonight into Saturday, we will throw rain chances into the mix.  A cold front will develop in the next 24 hours, which will slowly creep onshore by Sunday afternoon.  In the meantime, we will see showers increasing ahead of the front. … Continue reading »

Clouds Increase For the Weekend Rain

WEATHER DISCUSSUION Rain is right back in the forecast for this weekend. Today will be the prequel, with clouds and winds increasing. A large area of moisture is moving in from the southwest and will be dropping rain as soon as the high pressure sitting over us, moves further east. Showers will start at the … Continue reading »

Clouds Moving Back in For Friday

WEATHER DISCUSSION In weather terminology, you may sometimes hear the phrase “a mix of clouds and sun” and you might think, “What does that actually mean? Partly cloudy? Mostly cloudy?”  Well, today was a good example of exactly that – a mix of clouds and sun.  We started the day with some fog and low … Continue reading »

Sunshine Will Return, Only Temporarily

WEATHER DISCUSSION Right on schedule, the showers began late Tuesday night and lasted through the day, off and on, for Wednesday.  We have seen some measurable rainfall with this system, with the highest amounts falling along the coast and along the Cascades.  Both Brookings and Crescent City received about three tenths of an inch of rain, … Continue reading »

Light and Widespread Showers Today

WEATHER DISCUSSION Showers started at the coast and for the west side valleys late last night. There was still a lot of dry air at the surface causing some virga, but eventually the air mass became saturated, which allowed the rain to fall to the ground. The first line of showers came through in the … Continue reading »

Showers Becoming Widespread Wednesday

WEATHER DISCUSSION Clouds poured in early this morning, and as the cloud cover thickened, temperatures remained cool.  In fact, afternoon highs were about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than Monday, and we will keep it cool on Wednesday.  There was one exception, however.  The Klamath Basin saw highs about ten degrees above average after seeing … Continue reading »

Showers Keep Inching Closer to Us

WEATHER DISCUSSION Looking outside today, you may notice a different visual of what has been seen for over a week and a half now. Clouds have been moving in from the southwest ahead of the next storm system moving in. Showers are expected to start falling at the coast this evening. As Wednesday progresses, stronger … Continue reading »

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