Pacific Power Ready for West Coast Storm

MEDFORD, Ore. — Pacific Power is also getting ready for the severe weather. As a severe storm moved in on Wednesday, Pacific Power stocked up on materials needed to make potential repairs and workers were ready to respond to any incidents. Contractors were also on standby to respond to fallen power lines. The region worked together to … Continue reading »

Cooler With a Few Showers For Wednesday

WEATHER DISCUSSION Thunderstorms and lightning strikes scattered the landscape Tuesday, and after a very active afternoon and evening, southern Oregon and northern California will see a much quieter day Wednesday.  While a few embedded rumbles of thunder are possible, most locations will see scattered to isolated showers with the passage of a cold front. Along with Tuesday evening’s … Continue reading »

Ask the Meteorologist: Tornadoes

  ASK THE METEOROLOGIST “Why don’t we have tornadoes in Oregon; is it based on weather patterns, jet stream or topography? Which state has the most tornadoes and which the least?” Derek Cole, Medford One of the main reasons we don’t see a lot of severe weather across the Pacific Northwest is the lack of … Continue reading »

Oklahoma Highlights School Safety

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management said that neither of the schools hit by the tornado had safe rooms. FEMA had funded safe rooms for more than 100 schools in the state but these two were not among them. It’s a situation that is among the worst a family could experience. … Continue reading »

Extensive Damage From Oklahoma Twister

  CNN contributed to this report. ABC News has continuing livestream coverage. [UPDATE: 6:30 p.m. Monday] MOORE, Okla. — At least 51 are dead after a massive tornado struck the Oklahoma City area. Eyewitnesses report schools demolished and children trapped. More than 38,000 are reported without power. [PREVIOUS STORY] A second round of severe weather … Continue reading »

Tornadoes Wreak Havoc on the Heartland

SHAWNEE, OK. – The ingredients mixed well Sunday across the country’s heartland, where severe thunderstorms produced as many as 29 tornadoes throughout the course of the day. Mother Nature proved her true potential to many who are now searching through rubble to salvage anything they can. One of the strongest cells passed just south of … Continue reading »