Sequester Affecting Table Rock Trash

MEDFORD, Ore. — The sequestration budget cuts have impacted the Bureau of Land Management in Southern Oregon and now they are asking for a helping hand from the public. Crews may be unable to perform maintenance on BLM trails and say the public can help. The trails are clear and the trash cans are near … Continue reading »

Military Tuition Program Cut

MEDFORD, Ore. — A federal tuition program that helps military members is now being cut because of federal budget problems and that could make it difficult for current soldiers pursuing higher education. The tuition assistance program helps current members of the Armed Forces pay for college.The Department of Defense suspended the program because of the federal sequestration. … Continue reading »

Sequester Cuts Affect Disability Checks

MEDFORD, Ore. — Now that the government sequester has been signed, the question is no longer whether or not across the board spending cuts will hit, but how. One group of local residents who will likely be hit are those collecting disability or Medicare under Social Security. While the dollar amount on the checks themselves … Continue reading »

Spending Cuts Could Hit Financial Aid

ASHLAND, Ore. — This Friday, the federal government is set to undergo automatic budgets cuts, also known as the sequester. The goal is to save more than a trillion dollars. The concern is that it comes at too high a cost. For some students, it could make it harder to pay for college. Southern Oregon … Continue reading »

Oregon Prepares For Sequester

MEDFORD, Ore. — Politicians in Washington are facing a deadline for what’s being called the government sequester. If a deal isn’t reached by March 1st, massive spending cuts kick in. The sequester was originally intended as an incentive for Congress to trim almost $1.5 trillion in spending over the next decade. If Congress can’t come … Continue reading »