ScienceWorks Making Medieval Fun

ASHLAND, Ore. — From blacksmiths to bookbinders, the middle ages were full of remarkable craftsmen. On Sunday, ScienceWorks Museum showed off some of the remarkable achievements of these early artisans. Little lords and ladies showed up, with their parents of course, to explore some of the skills medieval tradesmen practiced. Guests were able to visit … Continue reading »

Out & About: Sept. 4 – 7, 2014

Hunter Auction You could be the proud owner of artifacts from around the world, or even an elephant, grizzly bear, or polar bear, because the estate auction of local Hunter Arthur B. Dubs is this weekend. The items will be up for preview at the Jackson County Expo this Friday, then the auction takes place … Continue reading »

The Science Behind Fireworks

ASHLAND, Ore. — The Fourth of July is just a couple of days away and soon fireworks will be lighting up the sky but behind all the colors and sounds there is a science. A firework is mainly composed of combustible materials.   There are three main factors that go into the explosion including fuel, oxygen, and heat.  … Continue reading »

ScienceWorks Holds Flight Camp

ASHLAND, Ore. — This week, kids are learning about physics and math – maybe without realizing it. All week, kids have participated in the ScienceWorks Aviation Challenge at the Ashland Airport. The program integrates technology, science, and math with hands-on experience with professional pilots. Students learned from pilots about how an airport operates, radio communication, … Continue reading »

Museum Opens New Lab for TinkerFest

ASHLAND, Ore. – ScienceWorks in Ashland has plans to open its new Da Vinci’s Garage this Saturday at the annual TinkerFest event. The local museum coordinators said the hands-on event fuses art and technology to promote creativity and imaginative learning. Some of the featured experiments are a Lego building contest, a full car take-apart, and “scribble-bots” that create chalk art. … Continue reading »

Sparrow Clubs: Jack-A-Palooza

ASHLAND, Ore. — A community is rallying around a 9-year-old boy battling a rare type of cancer. Those who know Jack Dorr know he’s a Lego master, but these legos are doing more than just creating sculptures like the Death Star – they’re helping him regain the ability in his right hand that he lost … Continue reading »

Out & About: ScienceWorks and Camelot

ASHLAND, Ore. — From the arts to the sciences, there is a little of everything going on this weekend. It’s the classic tale of music, love and life on Broadway. Camelot Theatre in Talent is extending the run of its current musical production of “42 Street”. This Tony-award winning musical is the quintessential celebration of … Continue reading »