Oregon Trails: Christmas Flood of ’64

Medford, Ore. — The flood of 1964 hit during Christmas week. A storm track five-hundred miles wide from Hawai top the Pacific Coast mixed with cold Arctic air producing something of a perfect storm for creating floods across five western states. There was a raging torrent that caused hundreds of millions of dollars damage and … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: 1864 Treaty

(OREGON TRAILS) — It was 150 years ago today that a treaty was signed with Indians in what is now known as the Klamath Basin, impacting politics and relations to this day. Todd Kepple, manager of the Klamath County Museum, explains, “When the government first asked the Klamath tribes what land they felt they were entitled to, … Continue reading »

NewsWatch12 Marks 30th Anniversary

MEDFORD, Ore. — Wednesday marked the 30th Anniversary for KDRV.  A lot has changed over the last three decades, and many faces have come and gone. One of those who have been here the longest, Ron Brown, takes a look back at what it took to bring channel 12 to life. In his package, he … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: Klamath County Settlement

NEAR KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — The early days of Klamath County settlement left a legacy that sometimes included lawlessness and bad blood between ranching families. This week’s Oregon Trails takes a look at one particular feud that may help explain a strange jog in the line between Klamath and Lake Counties.

Flames Burn Over Rail Line Near Glendale

NEAR GLENDALE, Ore. — It was the sound of steel on steel as crews from the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad rush to get their line through Cow Creek Canyon back in operation. It was shut down more than a week ago when fire burned most of the deck from this century old bridge, and … Continue reading »

Rail Disruptions from Wildfires

GLENDALE, Ore. — One of the major impacts of the fires burning near Glendale is the shutdown of Southern Oregon’s only north-south rail line west of the Cascades. Fire has apparently burned part of at least one bridge or trestle in the Cow Creek Canyon, and repairs are delayed until the fire danger passes. More … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: Bly

BLY, Ore. — This year marks the 140th anniversary of the first settlement of one of Klamath County’s first towns. And 4th of July weekend, residents of Bly will kick up their heels in celebration It might be hard to tell today, but this was once quite a bustling town. Today, Bly is about half … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: Eugene Ely

MEDFORD, Ore. — Every year, more than 600,000 people fly in and out of the Medford Airport. But a hundred years ago, only one man had flown an airplane over Medford, and with that flight, began a short but legendary career in the air. In front of the airport is a pair of whimsical model … Continue reading »