Travelers Prepare For Holiday Flights

MEDFORD, Ore. — Travelers are preparing themselves for Holiday flights at The Rogue Valley International Airport. People at the airport said they are giving themselves a lot of cushion time for flying. Lines at the airport were short Saturday and departures were on time.  

New Shuttle From Klamath Falls To MFR

MEDFORD, Ore. — Southwest Point Shuttles has been running with several stops from Brookings to Klamath Falls for nearly 14 years. Now, they will have one more to help out air travelers in the area. When United Express stopped flights in Klamath Falls at the beginning of the month, it left several travelers frustrated and … Continue reading »

Medford Airport Continues Fog Seeding

MEDFORD, Ore. — The dense fog is hanging around the airport for another day… prompting another day of fog seeding. The Rogue Valley International Airport announced Friday morning that it will be sending out its fog seeding balloon to clear the skies for flights, which will make for slippery sidewalks and roadways around the area. … Continue reading »

Fog Seeding at Medford Airport

MEDFORD, Ore. — Some thick early morning fog caused a few delays at the Medford Airport on Thursday, but workers conducted fog seeding to improve the visibility. Four flights from Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Salt Lake City were delayed Thursday morning. Airport workers sent up their fog-seeding balloon early this morning, which improved visibility … Continue reading »

Rogue Valley Airport Runway Reopens

MEDFORD, Ore. – The Rogue Valley International Medford Airport is back open after it closed its runway Friday night, leaving three departure flights grounded and diverting arrivals. Kim Stearns, an information officer with the airport, says in her 18 years at the airport she’s only seen closures a handful of times. “Once it’s closed it … Continue reading »

Black Bear Sighting at Medford Airport

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Rogue Valley International Airport is back to its normal operations after a security breach early Sunday morning. A black bear made a surprise appearance at the airport.  Airport staff along with police kept a close eye on the bear as it wandered around the premises.  Airport security said this is a … Continue reading »

Airport: Record Number of Passengers

MEDFORD, Ore. — A record number of people traveled through the Medford Airport in May. Thursday afternoon, the airport calculated the numbers and found the number of people flying last month was up 3.12 percent year-to-year. The total number of air passengers in Medford: 57,926, an all-time high. At this pace, the airport says it’s … Continue reading »

Passengers Say Accident Caused Delay

MEDFORD, Ore. — People trying to get to L.A. finally arrived after a delay of about 6 hours at the Medford Airport. Before they boarded, passengers say something ran into their plane. Passengers said they heard about the incident from an Allegiant employee, but no one from the airport was able confirm any details. Passengers … Continue reading »

Medford Airport Receives National Award

MEDFORD, Ore. — Rogue Valley Medford International Airport manager, Bern Case, has picked up a national award on behalf of the airport. On Wednesday, officials from the Transportation Safety Administration presented the National TSA Partnership Award to Case at the County Commissioners Meeting. The director of Federal Security for Oregon, Mike Irwin, praised Case and … Continue reading »

Air Travel Success At Medford Airport

MEDFORD, Ore. – A record number of people traveled through the Medford Airport this summer. It’s the first time ever in the airport’s history to accommodate more than 66,000 passengers in the month of July. This year, the airport served not only the most out of every year’s July, but the most its ever served. … Continue reading »