Accident Sends Woman to the Hospital

MEDFORD, Ore. — A woman was taken to the hospital for possible serious injuries after a two vehicle collision earlier today. It happened just before 10:00 A.M. in the 3000 block of S. Pacific Highway. According to investigators, one driver turned left onto Highway 99 and was hit by a car driving north. Two people … Continue reading »

Man Recovering After Being Struck By Car

MEDFORD, Ore — A local resident is recovering after what police are calling a serious car accident in the 2100 block of E. Barnett Road. According to investigators, on Wednesday at about 5:00 P.M., an intoxicated pedestrian stumbled into the roadway and was struck by a vehicle. That person was transported to Rogue Regional Medical … Continue reading »

Local Ebola Response Training Continues

ASHLAND, Ore. — Southern Oregon hospitals continue to prepare for an Ebola outbreak. They say despite the fact that no patients remain in the country, a single lapse in protocol could take more lives. A fifth of a teaspoon of contaminated body fluid can contain 10 billion Ebola virus particles. Because of that extreme hazard, health … Continue reading »

Importance of Exercise

Medford, Ore. — One of the important factors in a healthy weight and lifestyle is exercise, but depending on your goals you’ll want to fit in a different amount of exercise. Sherri Sexton, clinical dietitian at Rogue Regional Medical Center, said there are many ways to enjoy the outdoors while getting exercise.  She suggests taking … Continue reading »

Recognizing a Heart Attack

MEDFORD, Ore. — When you suffer a heart attack the faster you get to the hospital the better.  That’s why experts say it’s important to know the symptoms of a heart attack and be ready to act. Rogue Regional Medical Center’s Stroke/STEMI Program coordinator, Charity Barrueta, said symptoms don’t always include pain in the left … Continue reading »

Eating Healthy During the Holidays

From the office, to your friend’s house, to your own house, this is the month of holiday parties, but all of those sweet treats don’t have to destroy your diet. Sherri Sexton, a clinical dietitian at Rogue Regional Medical Center, shares some holiday health tips. Eat a little before going to a party. Studies have … Continue reading »

Genetic Counseling for Cancers Begin

MEDFORD, Ore. — Specialized testing to detect the likelihood of several cancers is available for people in southern Oregon. Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center is teaming up with Oregon Health and Science University to bring this service to the Rogue Valley. Jill Eversole is the first patient to get a counseling session. “I’ve had two … Continue reading »

Quick Action Key in Stroke Recovery

Medford, Ore. — Jean Mackey lost many abilities when she had a stroke in January. She said recovery has been a long, hard process, “Not being able to do the very basic things that I always did for my whole life, or 63 years, and suddenly you need help doing everything, you need help brushing … Continue reading »

Man Injured in Logging Accident

GALICE, Ore. — A man has been hospitalized after rescue crews said he received a serious injury in a logging accident. Rural/Metro Fire said in a press release that crews received initial information that a male in his 20’s had been hit by a log in the back of the head and was unconscious 300 … Continue reading »

First Surgery of its Kind in State

MEDFORD, Ore. — A local doctor performed a specific type of heart surgery in Medford for the first time in the state. When you hear the words ‘open heart surgery’, you’re heart might drop, but now a surgeon at Rogue Regional Medical Center says stopping a heart and cracking open a chest for surgery is … Continue reading »

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