Showers Tapering Off

WEATHER DISCUSSION A cold front made its way through the region today bringing rain and wind ahead of it, now on the backside snow levels are dropping and showers are tapering off. Showers will continue overnight but will be light and isolated and snow levels by Thursday morning will be down to 4,000 feet and … Continue reading »

Ask the Met: Forecasting Rain & Snow

  ASK THE METEOROLOGIST How do you know if it is going to rain or snow? Emily Robinson, Ashland Middle School When forecasting different precipitation types, meteorologists look at the vertical temperature profile of our atmosphere. Basically what that means is, how warm and how cold is the temperature through our atmosphere? This determines what … Continue reading »

Scattered Rain & Snow Showers Today

  WEATHER DISCUSSION Another round of dense fog has developed in West Side Valleys this morning. The fog will begin breaking into midday as a cold front moves south and east across the region. This will help to flush out the trapped polluted & cold air in the lower elevations. For this reason, the air … Continue reading »

First Significant Snowfall This Weekend

  WEATHER DISCUSSION Today will be the last of the dry and mild weather we’ve been seeing all week. Our first significant snow event will move inland this weekend, bringing heavy rain to the Coast, rain to the valleys, snow to the mountains and breezy conditions to much of the region. Cloud cover will increase … Continue reading »

Why Does it Rain or Snow?

“Why does it rain or snow?” Alexis Waites Hillside Elementary School When clouds have enough moisture they can produce precipitation and because the upper levels of the atmosphere where clouds form are so cold, the precipitation falls as snow. If there is a warm layer below the initial cold layer, like in the Spring and … Continue reading »