Responding to Stroke

Medford, Ore. —   Every 40 seconds, somewhere in America, someone has a stroke. It is a leading cause of death in the U.S.  – claiming more than 130,000 lives every year. During the month of May, National Stroke Awareness Month, health professionals are reminding everyone to know the signs of a stroke.  The National … Continue reading »

Local Hospitals Ranked on C-Sections

MEDFORD, Ore. – A study by Consumer Reports found hospitals are performing too many “unnecessary” caesarian sections on mothers, and ranked local hospitals near the top and near the bottom of the list in Oregon. But doctors at local hospitals say the results can be skewed. Consumer Reports rated 1,500 hospitals in 22 states, and … Continue reading »

Allergy Season in Full Swing

MEDFORD, Ore. — The flowers and trees in the Rouge Valley can be easy on the eyes but hard on the sinuses. Allergy sufferer Mike Brown knows all too well as he walked his dog Monday morning. “Never had an allergies. None, absolutely none.  Come here, Boom! It’s like the waters let loose,” said Brown. … Continue reading »

New Sleep Center at Providence

MEDFORD, Ore. — Beginning next month, Providence Medford Medical Center will open a new sleep center to help those who toss and turn while trying to sleep at night. A two-bed sleep center is set to open on March 17th. Patients will spend the night hooked up to computers which monitor things ranging from breathing … Continue reading »

Vascular Disease Screenings

Medford, Ore. — Vascular disease is often called the silent killer.  Millions don’t know they’re living with the disease that can lead to stroke and other serious conditions. That’s why Providence Medford Medical Center is holding screenings this weekend.  There are three non-invasive tests available – the carotid artery disease screening, abdominal aortic aneurysm screening … Continue reading »

Medical Expert Discusses Flu

From Siskiyou County to Portland, and across the country, there have been dozens of deaths from the flu and many of those are healthy people with no underlying medical problems. Many people are wondering exactly how a healthy person can die from a common virus. Dr. Jason Kuhl of Providence Medford Medical Center provides insight … Continue reading »

Flu Hits the Staff at Medford Hospitals

MEDFORD, Ore. – Health officials have warned that 2014 is shaping up to be a severe flu season. And with more people ending up in the hospital, the people who treat them are coming down sick as well, and it’s causing a strain in local emergency rooms. At Providence Medford Medical Center, the emergency room … Continue reading »

Heart Health During the Holidays

Dr. Manish Mehta is a cardiologist at Providence Medford Medical Center. In the video above, he joins us in the newsroom with tips on how to stay healthy during the holiday season.

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

‘Tis the season for sweet treats…and children know it! In the video above, Kristin Salamone from Providence Medford Medical Center talks about what we can do to make sure our children don’t overload on sugar.

Hospitals Respond to FDA Soap Guidelines

MEDFORD, Ore. —    The FDA is raising concerns about the antibacterial chemicals in many soaps and cleaning products, but a local hospital says it should not affect its doctors or patients. Providence Medical Center in Medford uses an antiseptic, alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after seeing patients. That’s different from antibacterial hand soaps bought in … Continue reading »

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